Blogging: The Backseat of My Life

For the first few days as a mother of two – AFTER Q’s paternity leave – Gooner and I went crazy. Sooner ate, slept, and pooped – like any newborn – while we struggled to fit her into our lives. Which we desperately tried to do…to no avail. As I look back I realized I was rigid and trying to MAKE Sooner fit into where I wanted her to fit. DUMB. All three of us went crazy one day. CRAZY. Like I cried to my sister. I cried to my Mom. I cried to Q. Gooner, Sooner, and I all cried and thankfully both girls fell asleep. I have NEVER been so happy to see my husband at the end of the day. I felt like failure mother of the year for failing my kids. And failure wife of the year for not being able to do my stay at home mom job.

Of COURSE, I had raging hormones. But honestly, it was two days of crazy psycho and then I had an epiphany…NEW schedule. Perhaps adding a complete person to our lives meant completely NEW schedule to accomodate all of us. So THIS week we tried a new schedule. One that included time for JUST Gooner, time for JUST Sooner, time for ME to get things done in the house, time to workout, time to make dinner… But sadly that leaves little time for blogging. (Please note I blogged more in Texas where there were grandparents around to hold and spoil little ones.)

Having two kids is SO different than having one. EVERYONE told me this. EVERYONE was right. Someone ALWAYS needs you and something ALWAYS needs to be cleaned. I NEVER understood how moms could “forget” to eat and…they were right. By the time I get the girls fed I need to be doing something else and I realize at 3 PM that I haven’t eaten yet.

Even WITH a schedule, I’m still getting the hang of this.

Sooner is currently 10 weeks old but Q did manage to snap an 8 week picture with the Pink Dog.

We do a LOT of baby wearing. MUCH MORE with two kids.

And yes, that is just how awesome my “mom hair” is on any given day. Be jealous.

Worst advice by far: “Your husband won’t know what to do with two kids. His life will change forever and he will have to do more.”

Really? This Daddy is HOT and awesome.

Our special day:

is coming this weekend and one of our AMAZING friends is baby sitting. Woohoo!

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13 thoughts on “Blogging: The Backseat of My Life

  1. Happy Anniversary!! Have so much fun.

    Blogging definitely takes a back seat to life but I will miss you. 🙂

    You are a great mommy and everybody is different when it comes to parenting. No two kids are the same. Love ya!

  2. You are an awesome mom, wife, and friend! Keep lovin on those precious girls and man of your and forget about bloggy land for a bit..everyone will be here when u return. Love you

  3. I’m glad you figured out a new schedule for your new life. 🙂 Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Woot!!

  4. Totally normal to feel like a failure, just know you’re not. I did what you are trying to figure out, not have a schedule. The only thing I was adamant was my 2 year olds bed time and nap, the baby however could just do whatever. The house was messy, dinner was easy dishes like pasta or salads or chicken, but I don’t regret a second spent just spending time with them when the kids were young.

    Even if you can just put Gooner in a stroller and strap Sooner on and walk briskly for 20 or 30 minutes that’s a great accomplishment as far as exercise.

    Showers for me were extremely inconsistent. And I only started blogging once all of my children were in school. Not only didn’t I have the time, I am sure my brain wasn’t really up to thinking and spelling then.

    I am here to say you’re doing great. As long as those little girls are feeling loved your job is done! It’s really the only thing that matters. And your husband of course.

  5. naomigrebe

    Yeah. I think that’s all just part of having a new human in the house, and figuring them out, and them figuring life out. You’re so right–you have to figure out a new schedule, new everything, and just give yourself time to get used to what life looks like with two kids, WHILE dealing with the horror of post-pregnancy hormones, and the ever impending mommy/wife guilt that sneaks up on us constantly–I always say having two kids is really more like having four or something. Somehow, one plus one doesn’t seem to equal two, for a while anyway while everyone gets used to each other. I am currently doing my best to steel myself up for that time that you’re in now. 🙂

  6. Adding another little is SUCH an adjustment. I feel like I’m still getting used to it some days, haha! And Kenzie will be 2 in June. 😉 Your “Mom hair”? It’s gorgeous. I WISH I looked like that on any given day. Good job being Mama to 2…you (and Q!) are doing great.

  7. I’m sure it is quite an adjustment and something that will just need to keep rescheduling as your family grows 🙂

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