Happy Anniversary: Year 2 of 4

From a young age I’d decided that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have children. The whole 9 months (later I found out it was more like 10) and labor/delivery thing perhaps wasn’t for me… Babysitting was fab but MY OWN? And then like 10 years later I met Q and he REALLY WANTED children.

And he was so wonderful that I wanted them with him as well.

And he was fantastic with my nieces (but on this day for years ago they became his nieces as well). He truly loved them and I LOVED that.

And then we had our own. Year two of marriage: Gooner entered our lives. She added a LOT of excitement into our lives.

And seeing Q hold our oldest little girl makes me love him even MORE!

Who knew four years ago today we would have ALL this???

*I only have all the sepia pictures saved on this computer. Maybe someday I will do a post with COLOR! ? *

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6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary: Year 2 of 4

  1. You were such a beautiful bride! And you are a beautiful lady! I’m so gla u decided to have children bc they are beyond adorable!! I really cannot wait to meet them 🙂 and of course see you! Happy Anniversary guys hope you have a wonderful time tonight celebrating all of God’s blessing

  2. You guys have such a beautiful family.
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Clarissa

    Yay! I love the pictures.

  4. naomigrebe

    Isn’t seeing your husband turn into a Daddy the very best?! I loved that part of having kids.

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