Happy Anniversary: Year 3 of 4

Culture Clash!

Clearly Q and I came from different cultures. Just look at our parents:



French African meets Mid-Western Girl. The dynamics of THAT, to get to where we are NOW, are just impressive. Every marriage goes through an adjustment period where the couple learns everything about each other including how to handle differences. On average it takes newly weds a minimum of 3 years to properly “leave their parents and cleave to each other” so as to truly become one. Looking back now we can only laugh at how we handle our differences. For example in the middle of an argument with me Q would be grasping for words because he only knew the word in French. I know, apparently arguing is HEALTHY or something. We have indeed come a long way and now we don’t argue. At all. We most definitely DISAGREE, but we don’t raise our voices or argue. During our first year of marriage, one day Q suddenly told me that he was done arguing with me. It made me SO MAD at the time, but our marriage is a MILLION times stronger for it. Even when I am wrong, he won’t argue. He gives me SPACE.

Which allows me to cool down.

And then we talk about it. And kiss.

A multicultural family is awesome! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary: Year 3 of 4

  1. M

    So glad Q is part of our family!!!!!

  2. I love this…the hubs and I come from completely different backgrounds as well (Caribbean boy, Northern girl) and it’s a struggle to work through our difference but it’s worth it.

  3. naomigrebe

    The difference between us and what we were used to/how we perceived life and family was astonishing, and we didn’t even have any huge cultural differences to deal with. Marriage can be SO challenging, but it is SO worth it. Hope your Anniversary Time has been amazing!!

  4. Awww, I love this post. I am so glad you are in such a loving, happy and supportive marriage. I agree with no arguing. I know some say it’s healthy, but really I feel like you both, that you can disagree and talk like adults without raising your voice or being rude or disrespectful to the other persons point of view.

    I respect Glenn way too much to be rude to him. That doesn’t mean we see eye to eye always, but most of the time we do.

  5. I love these anniversary posts! You have such a wonderful relationship! Can you do a post in the future about the arguing thing? I’d like to learn more about it. šŸ™‚

  6. i LOVE your wedding pics.

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