The Sickies Visited Our House

Who knows WHAT we have…but we have it. We as in me, Sooner and Gooner. Q somehow managed to stay healthy through all this. When I saw a doctor, he made the following comment: ” it looks like you have Influenza H1N1.” Um, awesome. I can now tell you that although I didn’t know what I had at that moment, I highly doubted that I had Influenza H1N1. I mean c’mon. A rapid strep test showed that however much inflamed and SUPER painful my throat was I did not have strep throat. It was a minor relief but I had a fever for 3 straight days while Q was stuck at work until Midnight during those days… So I had the girls on my own, WITH a fever, with no help.

Our SUPER kind neighbor offered to do ANYTHING she could to help, but if I had “avian flu” um, she needed to stay FAR away from me. If I had been desperate though, I could have had her pick something up, told her to hold her breath and drop it at my front door. So I coughed a lot, had a hard time swallowing, and randomly threw up. Whatever I had, it wasn’t fun. MEANWHILE both girls had pink eye. And Gooner had a fever and was constantly coughing. For awhile I wasn’t sure we were going to make it. Sooner is healthy now and so is Gooner. As for me, holy cow, I’m still canceling play dates. I lost my voice for a few days ago and I felt isolated and incapable of communicating to the world. It was weird. Gooner handled it pretty well, but every now and then she would puts her arms around me and sweetly ask, “Mom, can you talk to me?” In response to her question I pointed to my throat and she patted my arm saying, “It’s ok Mom. I love you.” I am so glad that whatever I had is going away!

Onto PBB (Post Baby Body)

A month ago I spoke to my sister about wanting The Fitbit to assist in my weight loss and then BOOM, it arrived on my doorstep a week later. Um Yah, she’s awesome. Although she said it was for my birthday in August, she encourage me to start using it immediately. And I did RIGHT AWAY. So April’s total weight loss: 4.4 pounds! Woohoo! SO, that’s about 1.1 pounds a week. Well actually, I restricted my calories drastically in hopes of trying to lose 2 pounds a week and it affected my milk supply which = cranky baby. SO, I added in a plethora of calories and Sooner was much happier. I GUESS I’m going to have to be content with one pound a week for the time being. But as long as the scale is moving DOWN I’m a happy camper. My clothes are starting to feel better and for that I am grateful!

A few of you have asked how much I want to lose and the truth is…I don’t know. I have an idea of how I would LIKE to look and feel. I was the most comfortable in my skin while attending college. I worked out A LOT and spent a lot of time outdoors and ate healthy food. But now I’ve had babies my body HAS changed so I don’t know what looks and feels good for me anymore. In fact I haven’t felt truly comfortable with my body since having babies. I did NOT get to my happy place after Gooner, but I’d like to get there this time around. And I’ll get there one pound at a time… I even lost a pound while on vacation at my Mom’s! She’d even made German Chocolate Cake with this yummy coconut frosting and I had to remind myself HOURLY to say NO! For ME, it is easier to have NOTHING than to treat myself a little. I know, experts say not to deny yourself or you will binge. But for me, I’m NOT satisfied with one bite…I want the whole piece…which I CAN and WILL do once I’m maintaining (in moderation). While trying to lose FAT, it just doesn’t make sense to EAT fat. Also, part of my motivation is Q’s level of fitness. Now I will NEVER have the body fat % that he has BUT he is very disciplined and he works hard for his body. He RARELY eats fatty or junk food and he never misses a work out. Yesterday he was getting his yellow fever vaccine for an upcoming business trip and the nurse exclaimed in frustration, “I just can’t find any fat on your arm!” – That will NEVER happen to me.

And here’s a picture from our recent vacation in Texas:

And for all 6 of you that continue to check my blog every day…God bless you!

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11 thoughts on “The Sickies Visited Our House

  1. Clarissa

    Oh dear! I’m so sorry things have been crazy at your house.

    I do understand the all or nothing bit. I can’t feel happy with just one bite. NEVER.

    I love you!

  2. Oooh girl, that is no good.
    Glad the girls are on the mend, hope you are better soon girly!

  3. Oh my!! I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick. And with 2 little ones, that is just TOUGH!! 😦 Hope you’re feeling 100% soon. Congrats on the weight loss, that’s great!! Slow & steady wins the race. I’m like you…as long as the scale is headed in the right direction, I’m happy! Unfortunately, after my miscarriage in February, I’ve managed to gain 6-8 pounds, YIKES! A friend told me that it’s normal, because your hormones get out of whack and metabolism goes crazy, but this is not ok with me. 😦 I want to reach my “happy place” and sadly, it’s about 20 pounds LESS than I am right now…

  4. Moms shouldn’t get sick! I hope you are 100% soon.

  5. The Mommy

    I am SO glad that you are all on the mend! I lost my voice for several days a few weeks ago and the kids did not know what to do with me! I felt like garbage and Mike was out of town, but we survived!
    Having babies changes your body SO much! I’m trying to become a size six again, which came easy after baby #1. THIS long after baby #2 and I seem to be stuck at an eight.

  6. I must say even with 3 little ones at home I never had that much sickness at one time, honestly girl, it’s too much! Hope it’s all on the upswing, & yes your sister is awesome, what a cool early birthday gift. 1 pound a week is perfect, when it’s slow it’s more likely to stay off. I am right there with you, I’ve recently added weight training to my cardio in hopes of some change, we’ll see.

  7. naomigrebe

    Oh, I am SO sorry you have been SO sick. We are recovering from THREE weeks of The Plague here. HORRIBLE. I hope you feel 100% soon!!

  8. Ugh, being sick sucks, especially when the kiddos get it too. I hope you start feeling better soon.

    Weight loss is so freakin’ hard. I’m an all or nothing girl as well. That fitbit looks awesome – I might have to invest in one!

  9. PushDumpFatButton

    Reblogged this on Push Dump Fat Button.

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