Things That Annoy Me…

Bucket Lists. They annoy me. I mean really? A list you do before you “kick the bucket?” Weird. I prefer setting goals. For example: Option A “I would love to run a marathon before 50.” Option B “I would love to run a marathon BEFORE I DIE.” Let’s not be morbid in honor of following a fad. Or shall we? No.

Insurance companies. Need I say more?

Blackberry seeds inside a smoothie. Yuck. I HATE when I have to chew a liquid.

The fact that I bought new foundation today and the woman told me I needed a new shade. Alabaster. In case you forgot the definition: White or translucent. REALLY? They couldn’t pick a better name like “Fair” or “Lightly fair.” Or something other than, “you are white as a ghost?” Guess not. Perhaps I will wear alabaster and purchase bronzer? Yah maybe. Or maybe not. Glad my kids aren’t pasty. Thanks husband.

The fact that all my hair is falling out of my head since my hormones are leaving. I have spiky bits of hair poking out. THEN strands fall out and tickle/annoy/aggravate me until I freak out and demand ask Q to PLEASE FIND IT!!!!

Movies where people die in the end. Tragically. Like a car/bus/truck speeds and hits the girl (ALWAYS the girl) and she goes flying. And she dies. And the guy FINALLY realizes that he is in love, but now has to live alone. This has now been done. NEXT.

Hot weather.

Women drivers who do not know how to engage at a four way stop sign or in traffic. What happened to the right of way?

Drivers who think they need to stop on a merge lane to a highway? It’s-a-merge-lane…soย  you are supposed to accelerate before you get on the highway.

Old ladies who drive 40 miles per hour on the left lane when they should be driving 65 miles per hour. They single handedly create traffic and/or accidents because they think they need to be in the fast lane…

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12 thoughts on “Things That Annoy Me…

  1. Clarissa

    I am with you on everything but seeds in smoothies. I actually like them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m sorry about the hair. I can’t imagine shedding worse than I already do! It’s disgusting and annoying. Of course, I’ve also never had beautiful pregnancy hair. I’m sure losing it is no fun.

  2. I HATE insurance companies! Also, you should add to your list: Blog friends who don’t email back. Ha. Sorry about that! I’m terrible.

  3. Grr…hate the hairloss that happens after pregnancy. Aggravating and scary. I lost so much after Kenzie that I thought I’d be bald. I guess it kind of balances out when you factor in the seriously thick hair DURING pregnancy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But still!

    And Alabaster is a horrible name for foundation. It should be called : Light & Lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Barb H.

    Great list. I can agree with several. Keith REALLY agrees w/the blackberry thing. I’m OK w/ hot weather but those “stoppers instead of mergers” really bug me!

  5. Ha…you probably hated my post today ; ) Sorry love..

    • I read your post (but didn’t get a chance to comment. You know with the kids and all.) Hilarious that we chose that topic…on opposite ends!

  6. I am glad you have an ongoing annoying list in your head, I have SO many things that annoy me, where to begin? People who leave a really long message on your answering machine and then say their phone # at the very end super fast and to re-hear it you have to listen to the very long message all over again.

    People who text while talking to other people. Not O.k.!!!!!

    And my kids. My kids have to be on the list. But in their defense they bring me the utmost joy. I know you understand what I am talking about ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The Mommy

    I lost LOTS of hair after both pregnancies and it is horrible!
    Garnier has a BB (Beauty Balm) that I love and it adds a little glow without feeling heavy. I LOVE it!

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