I’d forgotten…

  1. How sexy breast pads…aren’t.
  2. How MOST places are NOT breast-feeding Mom compatible and have thus breast fed Sooner sitting on toilet seats. It messes with your mind to sit fully clothed with a hole under your bum. Ew.
  3. How sweet babies are. Mine especially.
  4. How babies KNOW Mom’s voice. It’s truly special and incredible.
  5. How it feels to be at your wits end because your four month old is TEETHING and is SUDDENLY too big for her bassinet.
  6. And I had NO IDEA how it would feel to complete number 5, only to be awoken by a happy 2 year old full of energy at 6:30.
  7. How TASTY coffee smells and IS after a night like number 5, and a morning like number 6.
  8. How disconnected you feel from your friends and the world during those first few weeks. Yet how amazing it is to bond as a new family.
  9. How many diapers babies go through.
  10. How cold air and cold wipes make babies pee with or without a diaper.
  11. How they don’t care if they are wearing a new diaper – they poop when they want to.
  12. How sweet a babies breath truly is.

Now onto I Had no idea…

  1. How my love would multiply. Annoying, but true.
  2. How my baby Gooner would seem so big. And mature.
  3. How my love for Q would grow.
  4. That I would feel MORE like a Mom with my new awesome multitasking abilities.
  5. That I really could do so much more than I thought on less sleep.
  6. What a HUGE transition this would be for Gooner.
  7. That breast feeding would be A LOT easier the second time around.
  8. That Gooner and Sooner would be SO DIFFERENT. For some reason I thought they would be similar…I was wrong.

Thanks for hanging on folks. Our lives have been in a transition, which at times felt more like a tail spin. While Q was in session I felt like a single mother. Those of you who came over after you taught classes, drove to my house after your own crazy day at work, or spent your free days having play dates with me kept me SANE! When new babies come they and their poop take over your life. And when Daddy is gone EVERY DAY you forget which end is up. I had zero energy or will to blog. Every post would have been the same. The girls are in bed. I survived. Ha! But slowly I’m feeling comfortable in my role as a mother of two. I can now make multiple stops with the girls in tow, pleasantly. I no long wonder how I will ever make it to church on time OR get through the library with no crying children. It isn’t a problem, it’s a joy to be their mother.

And NOT to mistake my next comment with the ever SAHM vs. Working Mom debate: I’m glad I get to stay home with them. I feel at peace wiping noses and grabbing yet another diaper. I am calm knowing that staying up with my sick girls is not a problem since I don’t have to get up in the morning and go to work. All I have to do is plop my tangled hair in a pony tail, grab a new pair of yoga pants, and make a French Press. I don’t have to write reports or dress up, I just have to try not to smell when my husband gets home.

I used to dream about this. I used to dream about what my husband would look like and be, what it would feel like to have a home, and babies.

Reality is so much better than the dream.

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8 thoughts on “I’d forgotten…

  1. The Mommy

    I think I second every single thing that you said! We all have those “they are in bed and I survived” days.

  2. Been wondering where you were girl….glad your surviving and thriving with your girls 🙂

  3. Clarissa

    Love this post. I’m glad you’re feeling good about your “new” life with two.

  4. Sweetest post ever! I am glad that through the haze of lack of sleep and a scattered house you can truly feel the love of these precious kids in your life. I breastfed everywhere, I was a pro, and people who complain about it, so bizarre. Aim your energy at the inappropriate commercials, billboards, etc. where women are practically naked for no reason other than to sell beer, or a phone, or anything these days it seems.

  5. This is priceless. I also love the joy of being a stay-at-home Mama. Some days are hard…but it is an awesome responsibility to be a Mom and I think it’s the best “job” ever! 🙂

  6. This right here is why I adore you. You are so strong and so determined and you are SUCH a good mom. You will get back to your ideal weight/shape! And in the meantime, you are being a fantastic parent to your girls.

  7. I shouldn’t be reading blogs right now, I should be doing laundry and dishes. But, I popped in to read just one post from you, and this is the one I chose. Wow, I needed that. Brought tears to my eyes. (That’s not too hard these days, hahahaha!) So beautifully written, and every single item so very true. Thank you my dear!

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