Gym Rat

It’s no secret that I LOVE going to the gym. For the LONGEST time I didn’t get why other people didn’t.

And then I had a kid. And then another. By now I realize that my body holds onto fat for what feels like forever. My body stupidly thinks that I could starve it at any moment and therefore holds onto every possible morsel of fat so that I can feed my baby. You know, just in case… With Gooner I wore my fat pants for forever…and then one day I didn’t. Awesome. BUT, even if I can’t fit into all my fab spring gear I’m not throwing in the towel. I’m going to continue to work out and that means going to the gym…over weight.

Not a big deal right? I mean I had a baby 4 months ago. But you see NO ONE AT THE GYM KNOWS THAT!!!! My chest is abnormally big because I’m lactating and my hips are wide from childbirth and I have a foopah because hello ONE year of pregnancy. Oh yes, because I had a miscarriage and then became pregnant right away I was pregnant from March of 2011 to February 2012. My body went through A LOT! I wish I didn’t have to start AGAIN from where I’m at, but I am.

CLEARLY they are worth it. BUT that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting when I get LOOKS. Especially in the free weight area. Some of the looks men people give me are EVIL. As if I’m not worth the space I’m taking up. Whatev, this is a pic of half of me after Gooner… DUDE, I won’t look like this forever.

I just wish I could wear apparel that says CUT ME SOME SLACK I’M SINGLE HANDEDLY FEEDING A HUMAN. Yah, it’s ALL ME folks and my body knows it. And so it’s going to hold onto the fat for quite some time. Prob a few more months, like all through the summer. THIS means we either feed our kid formula OR I suck it up and look overweight and soft until she eats more solids instead of me.

All this to say, I understand why some folks don’t like to go to the gym. You DO get stared at. Bratty twig girls DO roll their eyes and men WILL try to push you out of their space. BUT BUT BUT, you don’t want to be overweight forever. At least I don’t. SO, it’s worth it. Forget about them. Imagine they don’t exist.

As for me, I will continue to feed my kid my milk until she bites me. That’s my rule.

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6 thoughts on “Gym Rat

  1. Keep it up! Need I remind you of all of the benefits breast feeding does for you (except in the weight loss category)? HAHA! You are amazing.

  2. We’re lucky we own three small gyms in a retirement community. That means, most of the members are old and could care less what you look like! It makes working out very comfortable!
    I think you’re doing great! You did just have a baby a few months ago!!!

  3. Good for you, keep at it. I am one of those who doesn’t like the gym for a few reasons. I am too cheap to pay when I can run for free, and I want to get my workout over with quicker and don’t want to drive anywhere.

    That said it would be nice to take some classes to mix things up, maybe in the future.

  4. Good. For. You! You’ll be back to your skinny self in no time. Hard work pays off! Now…can you pass me some of that motivation?!?

  5. That’s the best attitude…who cares what others think! I workout in my basement every morning so I don’t have to worry about what anyone thinks 🙂 However, I would love to join a gym one day!

  6. Huh. It is SO weird how different we all are. Because breastfeeding burns fat off me like crazy–I wish we could share metabolisms for this breastfeeding stage, cuz I could use a little less. Screw the grumpy looks at the gym. Seriously. That makes me SO angry. Because no matter if someone is 5 or 500 pounds overweight, if they show up at the gym it means they made a good choice that day. The hardbodies had to start somewhere, right?! You are awesome!!!

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