Absentee Blogger Award

Yup, I’m pretty sure that award goes to me.

I have been reading blogs up the wazoo, but haven’t been commenting. So folks, I’ve been around. Just busy. Been doing a lot of mommying and thinking. And laundry. In fact, the fam and I drove to an outlet mall as Q needed new new work clothes.

Pretty soon we found ourselves at Banana Republic outlet. 9.99 $ polos? Sign me up! Of course the larger than life mannequin wore the only color blue in Q’s size. And we wanted it. I started declothing the mannequin and Q in true European fashion walked off to find a sales associate. Me, I ripped off an arm and started the disrobing. And then I heard a voice.

“do you work here?”
“well then don’t you think you should ask someone to do that for you?” asked with a HEAVY dose of attitude.
“do you see anyone around to help me???” I said this while ripping off the other arm and swinging it around in a large arc showing the very crowded store.
“well no.” rolls her eyes and walks off.

Um really? Is this against the rules or something? There was no one to help me! And I wanted that color in that size and it was the only one! What would YOU do in that situation???

And the little? She’s growing.


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7 thoughts on “Absentee Blogger Award

  1. LeAnna

    If there was no one to help, I would have probably done the same thing. I always get the evil eye from somebody when I go into Banana Republic. But man, 9.99 is worth it. Love that sweet pic of your girl! Have a wonderful week, friend!

  2. The Mommy

    Sometimes you just have to take the clothes off of a mannequin and that’s the way it is!

  3. Haha!! I’d totally rip the shirt off a mannequin. If it’s the size/color you need and no one’s around to help, there’s really no other option that I can think of! 😉

    And the absentee blogger award? I think I’d be right there with ya. 😉 Your little one? She’s a CUTIE!!!

  4. totally would have dis-robed that polo wearing maanequin. My hubby would have had the same response as Q

  5. I would have asked a store clerk, and if I couldn’t find one I would have been very annoyed. But that’s ONLY because I wouldn’t know how to go about dismantling a mannequin.

    She looks so BIG already!

  6. Done it. Why that lady had to get involved is beyond me. She should spend her time at the mall covering up all the teenage girls and berating their mothers for letting them out of the house with not enough clothes on.

    • You are hilarious and make me laugh. A lot. How true is that? And NOW they have those shorts that girls used to wear UNDER cheerleading skirts that NOW barely cover your butt and can be worn ALONE? Um no. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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