Wrinkles and Saddle Bags

Good Morning lovelys.

It’s still summer, although Gooner asked for snow yesterday. She wants to build a snow man ASAP. Me? Well, I’m enjoying the water. Gooner wants to be a mermaid. Sooner digs swim diapers until they get wet and then she gets a little cranky pants. Q? Well he’s not real keen on showing off his muscles. Say what?

Yah, he is all about modesty.


I don’t get that. Know what else I don’t get? Locker room etiquette. Most women hide their assets…until they become 65 and then everything changes. I guess once wrinkles and fat take over, you begin to wonder about the validity of clothing. And by all means, even though your boobs are hanging to the floor, bend over and talk to my baby in her car seat. Grandma, does it bother you that you are naked? THEN she grabs a hand towel and “wraps” it around herself. Now that she is partly covered she begins to put on the water shoes. Of course, swimming suit goes on last. You want everybody to see your wrinkles and saddle bags first? Truth be told, you just don’t care. But I do. And don’t tell my 3 year old daughter not to stare. You are running around naked…old, wrinkly and naked…what do you expect? She’s going to stare and then ask her mom, “why is she doing that Mom?”

And I have to say something like, “that’s naughty” because believe it or not Gooner wants to run around naked and I don’t let her. And she’s cuter than you!!!

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6 thoughts on “Wrinkles and Saddle Bags

  1. I have to admit the older I get the less I care too. It’s actually quite freeing to lose your vanity, to realize you don’t have to be perfect. Your husband should be shirtless all the time with those muscles, but I have to admit I love his modesty. Guys that wear muscle shirts all the time to show off their arms I am not really into.

    • Yah, it’s one thing to lose your vanity and just be, it’s another to bare your boobs and pubes for an indefinite period of time!

  2. haha! I loved reading this! I totally agree with the old women in the locker room. I used to notice this all the time back when I lived in MN and was a member at a big health club. I’m so jealous of all the hair your little on has! She is such a doll!

  3. Clarissa

    Swimming suit is the last on? It’s much easier to put on a suit WITHOUT shoes.

  4. Haha! SO, so so true. And, a little hilarious, if it wasn’t for the little eyes you have to protect. This also cracks me up a bit because I’m running around shirtless for ungood reasons–thrush, etc., right now.

    I would LOVE to skype with you! But, my laptop had an unfortunate meeting with a bottle of bubble soap last week, so until I can afford another (a toughbook, perhaps?) I am skypeless, boo.

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