Word on the Street

Everyone is moving. Or at least it feels like it. A bunch of folks moved out in May, then June, then July… So, we have a lot of new faces and at times sadly, saying goodbye to old ones.

The funny part of it all, is the DRAMA that unfolds as people move. See, we have TWO busy bodies that love information, talking and gossiping. From where our condo is located I can see what MOST folks are doing, or NOT doing. What I don’t see I hear about from…let’s call her Betty. She’s 76, she tells my 3 year old that…every day. She flashes her hands 7 times and then counts to 6 and then waits for Gooner to “guess” her age. Reminder, she’s 3.

Anyway, Betty, has opinions on EVERYONE, and what they are doing. I suppose a little like me… ahem. Betty calls the cops if you are noisy make a peep and the fire department if you barbecue. Let me tell you I was PETRIFIED about bringing home a newborn, I mean newborns do cry. And ours did a lot. But although Betty noticed the “wailing” she said it was “to be expected.” Therefore she did not call the cops or complain to me, but maybe to my neighbors??? She collects and SAVES all sorts of memorabilia for my girls. You know, things like broken flat screen TV’s and such. With all the moving, she’s found all sorts of goodies. And so has our OTHER neighbor…we will call her Phyllis. She even found a BROKEN, SHARP, dusty, gross basket and asked if Gooner or her friend Momo wanted it for their toys. That, “if the girls don’t want it, it’s going to goodwill.” This was said in a TONE, one where clearly we would be STUPID mothers to ignore a gem like this. I spoke on behalf of Momo’s Mom and myself and replied, “we both have plenty of bins that won’t maim our girls.” Why didn’t she just ask Momo’s Mom when she was alone? Maybe she did, I don’t know. BUT, I suspect it comes from old age and the fact that she NEVER remembers their names or where they live. She asks me regularly.

But they are sweet. With good hearts. Yet, if we are in a rush, we know that it is faster to wait than to have a conversation with one of these ladies. Because if you cross Betty, have mercy, she might call the cops. If she does I’m buying wind chimes.

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8 thoughts on “Word on the Street

  1. I want to be your neighbor and then we can gossip about the old ladies and laugh as they dumpster dive for us 🙂
    And AB is set on 3 month clothes…thanks so much for thinking of us! Her length has me worried that in a month she will be on to 6 month stuff. She is growing WAY too fast!

  2. That is too funny! Don’t you just love older women. I get such a kick out of them. Then again I don’t live next to one that threatens to call the cops all the time. Ha!

  3. The Mommy

    And that is just one more thing that I don’t miss! We had an elderly lady that lived in the apartment upstairs from us right after we were married. She was so sweet, but very time consuming!!

  4. Older ladies are a hoot! Would love to visit with you next time your in the state. Text me deets and we’ll plan a get together!

  5. naomigrebe

    Wow–sounds like you got more than your fair share of “those” neighbors. One is fun, more than one is too much. 🙂 Wind chimes are, in my estimation the evillest of revenges one can take. 🙂

  6. Ok, that’s just awesome. 😉 I think wind chimes would be great entertainment, ha!

  7. Our neighborhood busybody moved a few months ago (thank goodness). Every time I took Brutus on a walk by her house she wanted to talk forever. I love talking to my neighbors but not for 30 minutes every single day. She would go on and on about every one on the block. Later I would think ‘I wonder what she says about me?’.

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