Turning Three – Back in May…

Oh they grow up fast. I totally know it is cliché, but it is true. I feel all choked up that Gooner is such a little lady.  Q managed to put off his business trip one more day so that he could spend Gooner’s birthday with her. She is a total daddy’s girl and I know she had more fun because he was around.  Since Gooner LOVES fish…we went to the aquarium.

It was pretty fab except Gooner was afraid of all the fish. Apparently she changed her mind to only loving SMALL fish. (Please note one of her gifts for her second birthday was a fish – Hector – since she loved FISH so much) Ugh. It was an expensive trip considering all she wanted to do was claw my leg begging for me to hold her.

Oh the fish were scary!

This year she totally understood gifts and presents.

And my girl is three. And she can’t wait to be five.

Gooner here are things for you to remember when you do get older:

Any time Sooner cries you announce,”Sooner needs feeding!” You spot every.single.Jeep. that we come across. You think Daddy can do ANYTHING. If I can’t do something you respond with, “that’s ok, Daddy can save you.” You LOVE your Uncle Reg even though you’ve met him only once. You want to paint, draw, and colour pictures for Uncle Reg. Your goal is to find him in every picture that you can. You love to put on deodorant. You are upset that you are absent in all our wedding photos and your reaction is to say, “That’s not very nice Mom.” Any time you accidentally do something you respond with, “Sorry ’bout that.” Spider Man, Bat Man, The Hulk are all scary monsters. You LOVE LOVE LOVE going to church, er going to see Jesus…as you call it. You love muffins, iced tea, egg rolls, broccoli and couscous.

Oh and for the most part you hate sweets and candy, just like your dad, so you refused to eat your birthday cake. Awesome.

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6 thoughts on “Turning Three – Back in May…

  1. How is she already 3?? What a cutie! I love all her little sayings, so sweet. 🙂

  2. 3??? i think you are lying! how is that possible! You make beautiful kids!

  3. The Mommy

    Gooner sounds like a fun little lady! And yes, they DO grow up so fast!
    Both of my girls cannot understand why they weren’t at our wedding.

  4. Wait a minute, she didn’t eat her own bday cake???? Why can’t I have her tastebuds? Happy Birthday beautiful girl.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Gooner!

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