Never Give Your Neighbor a…

dog. Ever.

Well our neighbor didn’t give us a dog, her sister did. Phyllis’s sister to be exact – let’s call her Matilda. Why did she do this? Because she thought GOONER would want a dog. A 3 month old male puppy named “Blew” to be exact, who happens not to be potty trained. The gift was complete with a blue collar, blue leash, and blue dog bed. BUT she wanted to clarify that though everything is BLUE you spell the dogs name as B.L.E.W. Get it? Um, I didn’t. I guess you have to be over 80 to understand.

Tragically, or not so tragically, Gooner didn’t even want to touch the dog, much less take it home. Matilda and Phyllis were appalled that I would turn down such a special gift without speaking to Q first. Ha, somethings a wife just KNOWS. Even though MY answer was no…3 year old, 6 month old, AND 3 month old PUPPY, yah no, but I scurried back to my house to inform Q of the latest development in our lives.

“Q, the neighbors bought us a dog.”
“You are kidding right?”
“Nope, his name is Blew.”
“What kind of dog?”
“Um, black. You know with long hair. Where it’s mouth hair always looks gross and wet because it’s always drooling.”
“Nope, don’t want it.”
“K, thanks.”
Yah, so I went BACK outside, gathered my children and returned home sans dog. Who does this? Who buys someone a PUPPY? Without asking? That’s just weird.

My advice: Don’t do it. Instead maybe give your neighbor some Banana Bread or even a wreath if you are feeling crafty.

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12 thoughts on “Never Give Your Neighbor a…

  1. Hahaha! Oh man your neighbors are awesome and hilarious. A dog, really?!? Who does that. Glad you could resist such an ::adorable:: gift

  2. What?! i wish i could have been there to see your face and reaction live. 🙂

  3. The Mommy

    This is just crazy! I would avoid Phyllis like she was the plague!
    Any plans to move in the near future??

  4. Um, really?! Wow. There aren’t even words!!!!!!!!

  5. Barb

    Tell Q–Just wait til you come visit us–He will WANT to take Stanley home. (Besides, Stanley is a much better name for a dog than Blew.

  6. Haha, you have the BEST neighbor stories, seriously! What a hoot. I would have also graciously declined the puppy offer. Thanks, but no thanks. 😉

  7. crazy crazy crazy! At least it makes for a funny story!

  8. Clarissa

    This kind of stuff only happens to you, my friend. 🙂

  9. You have the craziest neighbors…lol

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