Summer Time =

green smoothies.

We bought a Vita-Mix and it has changed our lives. MOST of our lives. As you can see from above Sooner is still on a Mommy’s milk diet, and some sweet potatoes. She LOVES sweet potatoes and I LOVE making baby food with the V Mix. It takes like five seconds. Part of my stay at home gig is the awesomeness that includes home made babyfood. yum.

We’ve replaced breakfast with juicing. Juicing is amazing, but there is an adjustment period at first… I literally pooped 20 times the first two days and Gooner spit up A LOT. Toxins are to blame. But they are out now AND we are both the better for it.

I don’t know how it will be juicing in the Fall. In the past we normally drink less smoothies in the cooler months because we prefer hot oats. BUT we love how the smoothies are making us feel, how much energy we have, and much flatter my stomach IS when I drink smoothies instead of coffee..
For the record: I’m ready for Fall.

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3 thoughts on “Summer Time =

  1. I am with you, I never understand how people can drink cold smoothies in the winter. Glad all that fiber is keeping you all regular 🙂 Seriously though it makes you feel great right? I have a Vitamix too and it is a dream!

  2. Clarissa

    Yum! I have been thinking about getting one as well. I do like green smoothies and how good I feel after consuming one.

  3. I’m ready for fall too!! Luckily Ian digs smoothies all year round.

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