Enjoying the…


Sweet child of mine.

Sister came to help out.
Please note the pursed lips.

Thanks for helping Gooner! Check out Sooner’s hair!

The hair on top is making up for the baldness in the back…

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15 thoughts on “Enjoying the…

  1. Where did you find that football rattle? My Little Bear needs one of these! Just found your blog…nice to find another American mommy who loves AFC! 🙂

    • Football rattle is from Babies R Us, from when Gooner’s is a baby. It is hard to find soccer stuff. I have NEVER met another mommy that loves Arsenal. Ever. I feel like we are already best friends because we have SO MUCH in common…;)

  2. The Mommy

    More pictures of that baldness!!!!
    They are adorable and just look so sweet!

  3. Green grass, wow!! THAT is something we don’t have much of around here. The drought this summer has wreaked havoc on lawns…but I feel much worse for the farmers. And Sooner’s hair is incredible!! Even with a lil’ baldness, she has much more hair than my daughter! 🙂

  4. Sooner has gotten so big….what cuties!!

  5. Clarissa

    Those two are so cute! Also, I’m glad that Gooner is such a good “helper”, too, of course. What would you do without her “taking charge” of Sooner?

  6. Oh that hair. Only such a cute baby could get away with it. She’s looking more and more like her big sister.

  7. Adorbs. Per usual!

  8. They are SO cute! Love the hair. And Sooner looks so big! It gives me joy to see that–mine is tiny, and she’s sweet, but bigger is just so much easier. 🙂

    • Q and I were just talking about this. The sitting up stage is where they can play with toys and don’t just lay there frustrated wondering why they can’t play and why you aren’t holding them.

  9. sooner’s hair! cracks me up! beautiful girls!

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