Just Another Song

or so I thought. I grew up LOVING Amy Grant. I was given – by my parents – every CD ever recorded by her. I counted on receiving a CD of HERS every Christmas. It was fabulous. So, believe me it was awesome when I heard Amy Grant bust out of the radio while driving down I-25. It made this Mama’s heart happy when I heard Gooner making up words to, “Lead Me On.” I had a great childhood and Amy, yes we are CLEARLY on a first name basis, reminded me of happy times with little to no responsibility. UNLESS you count unloading the bottom rack of the dishwasher BIG responsibility. At the time I couldn’t believe my Mom MADE me do SO MUCH WORK… Right….

ANYWAY, the song ended and the radio MORON came on and said, “And that was VINTAGE Amy Grant. We had to go all the way back to 1988 for that one.”

Thanks Serious Radio for calling me PAST VINTAGE. Yah, and I turn 30 this month. Does anyone else see the irony of this???

When I told Q, he laughed. HE LAUGHED. You know, I was doing fine with the new decade until I heard vintage. Now? Now I’ve opened a saving account for wheelchairs and oxygen tanks. Plural, since my husband is vintage too.

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11 thoughts on “Just Another Song

  1. The Mommy

    Wonder how old the guy on the radio was? I mean “ALL the way back to 1988”!

    I ran across a blog a few years ago and the lady was in her mid to late thirties and called herself “Vintage Thirty”. I cannot believe that I’m the age that I am, but I don’t really think that I have any issues with being my age.

    Unless you call me PAST VINTAGE!

  2. That is too funny! Amy Grant was my first concert ever. I LOVED her growing up. It’s so fun that she’s releasing new songs now.

  3. LOL! Amy Grant was SO cool when I was a kid too! I loved her. I am not thirty. I have celebrated the 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday. Ha, actually I don’t really mind being thirty. I think our thirties are going to be good years. 🙂

  4. Clarissa

    I used to make up ice skating routines to Amy Grant songs. I took my little boom box and my “Heart in Motion” cassette out to a frozen field pond and skated gracefully to such inspirational tunes as “Hope Set High”. I was that cool. Obviously. As to vintage, I hope “Age to Age” never makes the list or that stupid Radio Moron will call it “ancient Amy Grant”. Wow. Also, Happy Birthday, Laura of Light, my friend! I’m glad you were born.

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVED Amy Grant as a kid. I thought I was SO COOL when I rocked out to her music on my *cough* walk man. “Baby, Baby” was my favorite. 😉

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