A Girl…

and her teddy bear.

She is growing up. That teddy bear doesn’t have to go everywhere with us now. We are past having melt downs if she forgets him at home. And when teddy bear is lost it isn’t the end of the world. I thought this day would never come. When teddy bear is left in the dust I will be a little sad. I do NOT wish her childhood away. Even when I’m in the trenches.

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9 thoughts on “A Girl…

  1. M


  2. I’ve had to go back to parks and neighbors at night to retrieve ‘blankies’ and I loved it. They all still have them but they’re not needed ‘sniff sniff’.

  3. Clarissa

    On my goodness, that is precious!

  4. Oh, so sweet, and a little sad! Have you read The Velveteen Rabbit? Your post reminds me of it’s story.
    ps. Good win for us yesterday!

  5. Ahh, growing up! I love your sentiments : “In the trenches”…good description! 😉

  6. Ah yes. In the trenches, and still it’s sad to watch them grow. Bittersweet, I mean. Very bittersweet.

    Brianna left her very precious “spider blankey” (so called because the fabric is a print of a bunch of spiders and bugs–weird, but she loves it) at grammy’s house last week. I expected a meltdown when we realized it, and it didn’t happen, for the first time ever. Glad, but sad.

  7. sweet little girl!

  8. What an absolutely precious photo.

    The days really do fly by, don’t they?

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