Bulk Bins

are awesome.

I love bulk bins. I buy chia, oats, black beans, brown rice, mixed nuts, raw nuts, plantain chips…in bulk. Catch a sale and it is waaaaaaaaay cheaper than buying from the shelf. SO one day, while shopping with my family, I once again found myself in the bulk bin aisle. SADLY a super old lady stooped over an open bin with a hand full of mixed nuts in her wrinkled palm. I prepared to wait my turn and was SHOCKED when I saw the lady flick unwanted peanuts STRAIGHT INTO THE BULK BIN. A bin I was about to scoop into a bag for my family. Please remember you can’t wash trail mix. You buy it AS IT IS AND EAT IT THAT WAY.

My blood began to boil straight away. So I did what any normal irate woman would do and gave her the stare. And believe me, my stare is scary. Ever been on the other end of my irate stare? Well, this lady didn’t even notice as she was SO INTENT on snacking on the m & ms – and removed – with her bacteria infested fingers, the peanuts.

SO, I took it to the next level. Confrontation – which I have no problem with.

Me: Excuse me, you can’t touch those. Said KINDLY…
Her: I can’t? What do you mean?
Me: I mean, you are supposed to use the scoop. You aren’t supposed to touch nuts that I could and probably will get when I scoop. Although now I’m not buying that trail mix because you touching everything is disgusting.
Her (super offended): Well I’m sorry. (And walks off.)

Really? It’s my fault that you are STEALING and TOUCHING all that stuff? Seriously? Generational gap or not…Gross.

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7 thoughts on “Bulk Bins

  1. The Mommy

    I would have said something too!
    There aren’t many places around here that sale things in bulk bins anymore. This lady is probably the reason why! Disgusting!

  2. I am not that confrontational (some would disagree) but I would have for sure said something. I also would have told her she could buy separately all the things she wanted for her trail mix so she didn’t have to mess up the one she was at. Yeah, use the scoop!!!! I shop the bins too and although a lot of my friends won’t touch em’ I just try not to think too hard about what may be going on.

  3. Clarissa

    EWWWW! It had never occurred to me that people do that. I would never think to. I’ve fished things out with the SCOOP before (or added more) but flicking things back in with your hands? Gross. I guess that I’ll have to be more choosy about what I buy from bins. Also, I cannot believe she wasn’t embarrassed!

  4. Ewww!! I would have done the exact same thing…that is so disgusting! Who does that?? What did she think the scoop was there for…decoration?? yuck!

  5. Oh man! How are you going to feel confortable buying that again?! You just never know… Ha! I can’t believe that lady continued with her business as you were standing there. So crazy!

  6. Gross!! Good for you though…you’re a brave woman!

  7. I”m giggling over here…sorry…but now I have this funny mental image in my head. LOL 😛

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