Guilty as Charged

Remember the bulk bins? Remember how I always…er, never judge? Yah, about that.

I heard a sound behind me while shopping. It was Gooner. She had BOTH hands pushed deeply in a $6.99 a pound pastel coloured “Jordan Almonds” bulk bin. Ew gross! Know what? I KNOW where her little hands have been. She still gets reminded to wash her hands after she goes potty. And sometimes she likes to be frugal and only use one square of toilet paper. This is because she unrolled a whole roll once and for a consequence, she couldn’t drink smoothie for the entire day. She thought her life was over. She has NEVER done it since…we don’t mess with smoothies around here. BUT, the point is…I do my best but her hands…. We call germs immunity builder uppers and don’t freak out about it. But someone buying almonds covered in yummy chocolate for $6.99 a pound might!

I THEN did what ANY awesome parent would do and threaten that if she EVER did that again she wouldn’t get her “treat” at the end. Her treat is a 15 cent sucker that the employees always giver her for free because “she’s so cute.” It drives me batty since she has to be GOOD in order to get one, unless the employees get to her first. The only difference here is that my kid is 3.5 years and Bulk Bin Lady was at least 70.

Sooner is GOLDEN… as long as she has a biter biscuit. She doesn’t crawl. She doesn’t scoot. And she doesn’t have any teeth.

She is SO content. Her secret thrill:

Hair Pulling. MAYBE not so secret… We are ALL victims.

Chipotle picnic in a mountain town! Q is multitasking here…feeding himself, protecting Gooner from bugs, and feeding Sooner. He is awesome and brilliant!

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9 thoughts on “Guilty as Charged

  1. I just laughed out loud. I know that will happen to me once our little one is old enough to do that. Your kids are so dang adorable how could an employee not give her the sucker?? 🙂

  2. For these reasons I only buy things that will be rinsed and boiled from Bulk bins 😉 well that and with LBs nut allergy you never know what is cross contaminated.
    In other news that trip was one for the record books! And yes I froze 4 cups of it and managed to use the rest in other things. If it wasn’t $12/person I so would go back for more of those pumpkins.
    Miss you! And those girls are stinkin adorable

  3. Welcome to the word buffet where you feast on every single word you said because of your naughty kids. I won’t spank/ bribe/ feed only one food group at a meal/ curse in front of/ give in/ etc. etc.

    Kids bring us to our knees, I’d give her a sucker too, she’s so precious, and I am sure precocious.

  4. Bahahaha….that is just too funny about the almond bin. Hope you don’t hate me for laughing. 😉 I always say that’s why I pray over my food…to kill any lingering “germs”. 😛

    Chipotle picnic in the mountain? How fun!

  5. oh dear! Loved the update! They are soooo cute!

  6. The Mommy

    I LOVE the picture in my head of Gooner’s hands in the almond bin!!

  7. Your girls are so cute, even if they are elbow deep in the almond bin.

  8. Sage November

    Bahaha! I’m never buying anything from the bulk bins again after your two stories! No offense to little G though… definitely to the old lady. 🙂

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