I cleaned under the…

oven. It was gruesome.

Despite Gooner having a fever – complete with massive mucus and hacking – I wanted to clean under the oven. Back in May, when Gooner turned 3, Clarissa gave Gooner a broom. And when she helps me sweep, odd items randomly go flying…many ending up under the oven.

I found rocks, bottle tops, magnetic alphabet letters, a miniature toy camera and crumbs. Loads of crumbs. It was gross. Q left work early to come home and relieve me of my mommy duties since I’ve been lacking in sleep caring for sickie Gooner and growing baby Sooner. He told me to take a bath, go for a run, do something other than do my typical mommy duties. He’d even purchased Chipotle so I wouldn’t have to cook. He KNOWS the way to my heart is through Mexican food.

Our house is beginning to smell like Vicks. I SHOULD go to bed. It could be a long one…

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5 thoughts on “I cleaned under the…

  1. Clarissa

    Hooray for thoughtful husbands! No hoorays for sick Gooner and no sleep.

  2. Mexican food is the way to my heart too. My vacuum attachment doesn’t fit under my oven and when I look under it I see a whole slew of things, but then just stand up and try to forget it.

    Hope you got some rest and are feeling better. Girl you are in it. I know I say this all the time but there is nothing harder than the stage you’re in right now. Last night I was reading in bed and my 11 year old was decorating for her own birthday party tomorrow night. Yup, she was doing it herself. How’s that for me living in the lap of luxury. I LOVED my little kids but it was exhausting. I am amazed everyday how easy things are now. I would have never guessed in a million years.

    I better not speak so fast though, I haven’t entered the teenage years yet………..

    • I love love LOVE your encouragement! Really I do. Sometimes when I am knee deep in WHATEVER… I hear your words and I just breathe through it. Thanks “friend!”

  3. That sounds rough! But at least you have a great hubby!! Sounds like you need a break. Want to come to Oklahoma? 🙂

  4. The Mommy

    How does a toy camera fit under the oven!?! Don’t you love having a little “helper”?

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