2012 Recap and Thoughts

Happy 2013.

I’ve missed blogging to be honest. I threw around the idea of just stopping. My writing was sporadic at best and I was lacking inspiration. Many things contributed to my period of silence. First, Sooner entered our family. Someone once told me that two is a harder adjustment than one or three. As awesome as Sooner is – our family dynamic completely changed. I found myself struggling to find myself. Secondly Q’s job changed. For the past # of years we have been immersed in politics. We lived and breathed politics and then suddenly we didn’t. We were THRILLED with the change. It is infinitely better, but none the less it was a change. Another change for the girls. Another change for this Mama. And this Mama doesn’t handle change all that well. I THEN started cooking crappy foods that to me were more along the lines of comfort instead of healthy. Which leads me directly to working out. I found scheduling a workout with TWO VERY difficult. So, I just stopped for awhile…I was tired of failing. Which is SO not like me. I’ve been going to the gym once or twice a week BUT that is not enough to offset comfort food eating. Which is weird to me. Food doesn’t listen OR talk back…but perhaps this is why I chose it. ? THEN I would find something that works, get on track only to find myself derailed by SOMETHING. Anything. It is true, these areΒ the petrie dish years. Cute Petrie dishes though. And again, someone once told me when I was pregnant with #2 they would pass sickness back and forth, until FINALLY the plague leaves.

And at the end of the day I didn’t feel so much like writing. It isn’t very inspirational to read about struggles… Or is it? I don’t know. I do miss writing about the crazy things that happen in life. The stupid things people say. The hilarity of life with two little ones.

I also take more pictures when I blog. 2013 is bound to be FULL of adventure. We’ve already broken our windshield on the Jeep. Twice. And plenty of chips repaired. The repairmen and I are almost on a first name basis, thanks to our warranty coupled with our adventurous spirits.

I began participating in Aqua Zumba again and have plans to run the Warrior Dash.

I also hit up the Semi-Annual sale at B&B Works…only to find myself with a shower gel smelling of none other than Vanillatini. Welllllllllll, smelling like a vanilla bean doused with stinky liquor while trying to get clean isn’t my IDEAL get clean smell. It will have to do. I’m not about to throw away a steal…some things never change.

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12 thoughts on “2012 Recap and Thoughts

  1. So glad you’re back! I’ve been thinking about you and it’s good to “read” your voice. πŸ˜‰ You can do this! I know 2013 will hold so many great things for you and I can’t wait to read about them.

  2. The Mommy

    I think it’s easier with two at the very beginning and then a few months later it gets a little crazy. Of course, when you have Gooner and a mobile Sooner, it may get crazy again! It is only a season and things will get better.

  3. mimsie

    All the changes in your life will give you lots to write about, and us followers to enjoy. BTW, someone gave me “Cranberry Joy” body wash from B&B Works for Christmas, and it is just awful. I hate to waste stuff, but I think it will be “used up fast”.

  4. Glad you’re back at it! My blog is in…an extended hiatus. πŸ˜‰ We’re expecting baby any day now and between feeling like YUCK, trying to keep up with P’s schoolwork…and taking care of a tantrum-throwing 2-year-old, the blog just doesn’t happen. Sometimes life has other plans, and that’s ok. And YES…I just can’t believe how much more sickness is brought into our home, with 2 kids.

  5. Glad you haven’t left completely! I like reading, even though I don’t always comment πŸ™‚ And yes…write, write it all down! Anything blah is bound to pass πŸ™‚

  6. Clarissa

    Hello friend. I was happy to see you have a new post. I miss reading them more frequently, though i COMPLETELY get why you haven’t been super into blogging! Life can be so crazy. Anyway, best wishes!

  7. M

    I’m glad you’re back!!!!!

  8. yay!!! was just thinking about you!

  9. Haha, too funny! People keep life interesting, eh? And my kids have both been late crawlers (and walkers!) Kenzie was 18 months before she walked!! I think it’s because she was SO tall for her age, she had more to balance?!? My neighbor’s baby was walking before a year…kids are all so different. P didn’t crawl until 11 months, and since he was my first, I was starting to wonder! Kids figure it out…in their own time. πŸ˜‰

  10. P.S. just realized I “commented” under the wrong post, ha…you pry figured that out. πŸ˜‰

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