All Sorts of Wonderful

This morning I found dishwasher detergent as well as my mascara under the table.  And don’t forget the dry noodles, a plastic egg, a blanket and a dry wipey. Gooner is ALL about royalty right now. She gives royal proclamations daily, hourly, all the time. Her castle is the the kitchen table, and she lives underneath it. Yesterday my glass was on the tablecloth; suddenly, Gooner’s castle wall came crashing down flinging water EVERYWHERE. I didn’t have the heart to get angry, pretending to be a Princess is MUCH better than terrorizing her sister who is still not crawling.

About that…. she isn’t yet. Crawling that is. She wants to, badly. Yesterday she wanted to be in her sister’s castle so badly that she actually army crawled her way there. I was so proud and then I immediately scoured the house for Barbie shoes and marbles. Oh and Polly Pocket…who invented this stuff? I rip Polly Pocket’s head off and yank rubber clothing off regularly and when I can’t take it anymore I leave Polly in her swimsuit and give Gooner a bowl of water. Awesome. Thankfully Polly’s toxic hair must taste nasty because Sooner only had to try it once to realize this choking hazard wasn’t worth it.

Our English neighbors invited us to tea after lunch. I thought this meant anywhere from 1 -3. Right? Wrong. Q explained to me, from the shower, that we were invited to High Tea. Or tea at five o’clock. WITH our children.  It was a riot. We were introduced to all sorts of yummy, and not so yummy, sweets and biscuits. And of course NEITHER of our girls like sugar, which is a complete mystery to most folks and was to them as well. Thankfully they weren’t offended when we told them that Gooner would not drink tea with milk or sugar in it, or eat a biscuit. Sadly, the hostess told me to tell her what I liked and didn’t like and I took her at her word. I think I hurt her feelings when I told her I didn’t like a sweet and spicy puff pastry thing.  Not only did it taste bad BUT it felt grainy and gross in my mouth. Gooner ate Strawberries and Q swished his tea pretending to drink it – and failing. After offering to reheat the tea, add more milk, add more spice, add more sugar, add more of ANYTHING to get him to drink it…they gave up. Wise move neighbor. Q doesn’t drink tea or coffee.

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8 thoughts on “All Sorts of Wonderful

  1. M

    You make me smile!! I am so glad you are back!!!

  2. The Mommy

    This was an awesome post for SO many reasons!!
    We were given Polly Pockets, but I threw them away when no one played with them. Then we were introduced to the lovely Polly Pocket-ish Disney Princess dolls. I am thankful that they invented the MagiClip outfits so that I do not have to style the princesses everythreeminutes!

  3. Your kids don’t eat sugar? A few days ago I swear my kids downed so much sugar. It was just one of those days where everywhere we went they were given treats, and they would never turn it down.

    I am not a big tea drinker myself either. Sometimes I drink herbal tea. Actually we have a store here, Teavana, that sells the most amazing teas. Their dried tea actually looks like potporri. I like to mix their blueberry and pineapple together and drink it iced.

    Being a cook I always appreciate honesty. Of course I want everyone to love everything I make, but I’ll always take the challenge to feed a picky eater.

  4. Sounds like your family is ready to move to England to live with the Royals. 😉 My husband doesn’t drink tea or coffee either. And that’s AWESOME that your girls don’t like sugar. I can only hope that for ours, but I have a feeling she will be the opposite. Ha!

  5. mimsie

    Maybe you can invite them back sometime for your kind of “high tea”. They would probably enjoy it!

  6. Haha….a princess and a high tea…well aren’t you guys getting all types of fancy over there.

  7. Hahaha! I love it. Love love love it. Mine is almost to the army crawling stage. Almost. Right now she’s rolling (angrily) wherever she would like to be. Legos and Polly Pockets are my nightmare. And not for “stepping on” reasons. 🙂

  8. Just finally catching up with you now! I love that Gooner is giving royal proclamations! A girl after my own heart! I would LOVE to give those at my house, but hubs didn’t get the notice that I’m Princess Kate too! Ha. Anyway, so funny about the tea. I’m a big tea person myself so I might have fun at high tea, but not with grainy biscuits.

    Anyway. I’m trying out a new blog finally…. We will see how I do with that. I tried and tried to do one on wordpress but just couldn’t figure it out, so went back to old faithful that I mostly understand. Ha.

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