Is This Goodbye?

Over the past few years I have TRIED to get along with w.ordpress. Truly.

BUT, what is a blog without pictures?

And I can no longer upload pictures. Edit: Since I first drafted this post I figured it out, BUT it is now a ridiculous process. 3 steps instead of 1. I have two littles… Time is precious.

So poll time!

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7 thoughts on “Is This Goodbye?

  1. Yikes, that painful huh? i wonder what the deal is? Blogging should be EASY, I blog at blogspot which is the only reason I am able to blog, it’s idiot proof (and you know me and technology). I say give it another go with a different server. It’s nice to have the memories to look back on, and the camaraderie.

  2. Keep blogging! Miss you!

  3. Hm…I’m wondering what process you do. As far as I know, it’s just “Add Media” –> “Upload Files” –> “Select Files” –> and then Insert Into Post. Not more complicated than blogger was when I used it, just your standard upload a file process I hope you keep blogging!

  4. mimsie

    I wish you would continue, if you still have the desire to share your insights. I check regularly to see if you have blogged. Maybe keep a little notebook and jot down ideas throughout the day????

  5. Yikes! Sounds like you’re ready for a break, but I always check in to see if you’ve updated 🙂

  6. Katie

    Do what you need to to be happy, but keep me informed please. I have problems commenting on wordpress, but i started a new blog myself at -Your OLD bloggy friend Katie Beth

  7. Elena

    Keep blogging! I’ll miss you!!
    Are you on instagram?
    Bye from italy!!

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