Better Left Unsaid

It’s true right? Some things are better left unsaid. Some things aren’t…like “Hey friend, you’ve got broccoli in your teeth.” But some things, some times your opinion, should be kept YOUR own. Today I met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I’m 34 weeks pregnant. I’m at that awkwardly huge stage. The trimester where everyone stares at you, afraid you are going to deliver and possibly that you won’t. How much ‘huger’ can this lady possibly get? The stage where the only shirts that kinda fit all contain horizontal stripes. Nothing fits right. And you are literally sharing yourself with a 5 pound person. A stage where your girls fall and run to you for comfort only to bounce against your stomach and fall AGAIN….with everyone staring. The stage of never wanting to go anywhere in case your water breaks or someone asks you “how much time left?” At the same time you can’t stay home because cleaning your house and entertaining your children is too exhausting.

It is also an emotional time. You weigh more than ever before and nothing fits. You can’t dress for your husband because you BOTH hate almost everything pregnancy related. Let’s be honest, you only have 3 shirts that fit you now!

And then you doubt yourself. Will I be able to deliver again? Will the weight ever come off?

So the last thing you need is your friend to tell you what size she thinks you are and it is 6, count that SIX sizes larger than you actually are. Honestly, I was crushed. CRUSHED. Perhaps mortified. Is this how BIG people actually see me? I felt like beginning marathon training while simultaneiously devouring Reeses peanut butter eggs. Here I am carrying a tiny human and you’re calling me fat. My face must have mirrored my heart because she quickly followed up that she’d only chosen THAT size because of my huge belly. Hmmmmmmmm, you are only making it worse honey. So stop.

Some things are better left unsaid.

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2 thoughts on “Better Left Unsaid

  1. M

    You are beautiful and don’t believe what anyone else says.

  2. I hate people’s comments too! One coworker asked me why I’m not waddling yet?! Ugh!!

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