Let the Love Inside You Show!


So, we don’t know the gender of this baby. We have our suspicions since we make girls.  If it is a girl we will be thrilled. If it is a girl we have all the clothing already. If it is a girl we already have a name and SISTERS, and a continuation of my girls. Other people ask if we will keep trying for a boy, as if THAT is why we decided to have this baby in the first place. As if you have to have both to be happy or complete or…be a real mother. GASP. Yup, I’ve had this said to me.

Stereotype based on Mommy’s I’ve met at the park, play dates, church and LIFE… If you only have boys you are a Mom of boys. If you only have girls you are a Mom waiting to have a boy. This is how I feel and I feel annoyed.

Stranger at Target yesterday. “You don’t know the gender? I hope it is a boy. If it is a girl, at least healthy!”

Old Lady. “It is probably a girl. That is probably for the best since girls are easier than boys.”

Friend. “I hope you have a boy so that you understand parenting.”

I could do a whole post devoted to ridiculous quotes by well meaning people. But, rest assured I am a good Mom to two beautiful tutu wearing,


soccer playing…







Team Pink or Team Blue this baby will fit into OUR lives. If YOU disagree on the gender God has given us, you should probably save yourself and stop talking.


Dear Baby,

This family loves you so much and can’t wait to meet you.


Mommy, Daddy and Your Big Sisters!


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5 thoughts on “Let the Love Inside You Show!

  1. M

    I am proud to be the Mom of 2 beautiful young ladies! Yes, I was told I’m not a real parent because I only have 2. I can’t wait to meet the newest little one. I agree! Boy or girl we will LOVE him or her.

  2. The Mommy

    I’m always amazed at how so many people think that you are waiting to have one of whatever sex you don’t already have. It is so ridiculous!

  3. It astounded me how many ppl said “perfect! one boy one girl! you can quit now!” when our 2nd child was a boy (1st is a girl). Blew my mind. I’d respond “actually, we were hoping for sisters” just to see what they’d do! It was ridiculous.

    • Josey! It has been too long! How are you doing??? Now that your family is “complete” are you done???? 😉

      On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 10:40 AM, Famille d'Arsenal wrote:


      • Haha. We are pretty sure we’re done – more than anything b/c I’m a miserable pregnant person. Then again, b/c of everything that happened with my husband’s sister dying a cpl weeks ago, he’s thinking maybe 1 more, b/c he couldn’t have imagined going through this without his brother.

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