Random Edition: 701: Topic “Frozen”

It. Is. Monday. And I feel like this.


*And I should be folding laundry.

* I’m a Mom of littles, which means I don’t go to the bathroom by myself. Ever. I don’t even try anymore. Gooner  (Elsa) doesn’t care, she’s almost 5 and potty is just gross. Sooner (Anna) freaks out if she’s not near me every second of every day. Cue, “do you want to build a snowman?” Any time a door is closed you will hear three raps followed by the snowman song. I am a day away from 37 weeks pregnant…I am in the bathroom a LOT. My favorite part of the song is, “ok, bye.”

*Today on this lovely Monday Gooner decided NOT to respond to her name. She is Elsa. And she’s stamping her feet NOT out of defiance, but to turn the wood floor into ice. It had NOTHING to do with the hitting of the sister and being told to stop and put her laundry away.

*Gooner has had a braid for 4 weeks straight. I would like to thank Disney for choosing such an easy hair-do.

*”Why does Hans want Elsa AND Anna to die? What is death?” Once again, thanks Disney.

*We had a play date last week and the 5 year old boy told Gooner she had a china. That boys don’t have them. Gooner just shook her head at me, lifted up my plate from the dishwasher and told me, “Mooooom, THIS is China!” Dodged that bullet….for now. So happy Monday!


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3 thoughts on “Random Edition: 701: Topic “Frozen”

  1. M

    Way too cute!

  2. jamiehodgerson

    So sweet!

  3. Ha! Wow. Sounds like Frozen has given you a whole bunch of new situations. Love it.

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