April Showers Bring…Snow


Well, Colorado, you never fail to bring us a Spring snow storm. Or two. Or three.

And Dad totally came through with the whole Frozen, let’s make a snowman thing.DSCN0183

But it wasn’t long before the little bailed on the cold.DSCN0185

Did you think Gooner could build a snowman in anything other than a sparkly dress?DSCN0191

And Q, he is ALWAYS so hot. He’d NEVER turn on the heat if it were up to him. Thankfully for the girls, it isn’t.DSCN0203

The finished product. Clearly Olaf…DSCN0205

And we moved to the boonies. Our view is amazing.


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4 thoughts on “April Showers Bring…Snow

  1. ugh. so over it! cute captures you got 😉

  2. Ugh, I can’t believe we woke up to snow again. So over it!! I know we need the water, but I’m sure ready for some warmer weather.

  3. M

    LOVE the sparkly dress and the snowman.

    • You keep them in dresses for sure! I think they could wear a different dress every day for a month and I love it!

      On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 7:34 AM, Famille d'Arsenal wrote:


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