Suburbia Pt. One – Advice Please

Q and I now live in Suburbia. Complete with a white fence, or is the colour Egg Shell? We have planted flowers and shrubs. We have neighbors and a yard. All of us are new builds and all of us moved in within 6 months of each other.

Remember that fence? The fences are NOT in when you move in. Nope, all that surrounds your home is clay dirt. It is your job to landscape your yard. Whoever wants a fence puts it up. End of story…right?

No. Almost EVERY neighbor owns a dog. There are only three houses that don’t, and ours is one of them. That being said, we don’t care if there is a fence or not. MONTHS ago our immediate neighbor put up a fence. And MONTHS later -today- the neighbor walked into our garage and asked me why we haven’t yet paid for our part of the fence… Pardon? We NEVER spoke about the fence…EVER. We never agreed to anything. I said as much and she blurted that the fence is mutually beneficial so…

I want to have a good relationship with our neighbors. At the same time I want boundaries. You can’t just decide what we pay for and what we don’t… Right? If they had spoken with us FIRST perhaps, but even so we aren’t interested in a fence.

And now I feel like an adult.



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6 thoughts on “Suburbia Pt. One – Advice Please

  1. Hey there,

    I don´t know how this is legally dealt with in the US, but here in Germany there is a community law, that states if your left hand neighbor puts up a fence between your lots you have to pay half of the costs. Same goes if you install one between your lot and that to your neighbor on the right. You only have to pay if your the owner of the house. If not, your landlord has to pay for it. Hope that was at least a bit hopeful…

    All the best from Germany!

  2. The Mommy

    As a former real estate agent, that neighbor should have asked if you wanted to go in”halfsies” BEFORE the fence was put up. It’s just common courtesy and good-neighbor manners. Most people put THEIR fence on THEIR property leaving enough room to mow before the neighbor’s property begins or a few feet off of the property line so that they can maintain property on both sides of the fence. Unless there is some kind of local ordinance or something in the subdivision by laws, your neighbor would bare the full cost because it is their fence.

  3. Mimsie

    Absolutely they should have asked you PRIOR to putting the fence up if you would like to share the costs. It’s also a good chance to find out what neighbors are really like, when you discuss things involving money and property lines!

  4. Holy cow! I can’t even wrap my mind around this…LOL! How RUDE! And oh my gosh, I would freak out…we have to budget everything. If there’s some “rule” floating out there about it, just holy cow.

  5. We’re stuck on the opposite side, because we bought a house with a fence already in place on the property line, and in the last 4 yrs our neighbor has done NOTHING to maintain their side of it (stain), so now it’s starting to fall apart which SUCKS. She refuses to pay to help maintain it but still says it’s “half her fence” because it’s on the property line, so now we don’t know what to do but continue to pay for maintenance all by ourselves. 😦

    • Bad neighbors are the worst! I can’t believe they don’t care at all! Our neighbors refuse to talk to us…even though we said you shouldn’t have to pay…I guess being the martyr is more fun than getting money…?

      On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 1:15 PM, Famille d'Arsenal wrote:


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