DSCN0765I’m pretty annoyed with all the folks posting pictures of their sick kids on Facebook. Half naked children – post puking – in a salad bowl. A salad bowl I will never trust again if I ever dine at your home, since we all know that said salad bowl is your designated PUKE BOWL. Sick. More importantly, it is sad that small children, who feel MISERABLE – clearly since they are stringy haired and falling asleep in front of the TV on a towel covered couch – are now all over the web. I feel sad. When I’m sick, I like to stay in my bed. And never shower. And I won’t brush my hair. I’m lovely. But I don’t want Q to post any pics of me on FB when I look so NASTY. So why do people do this to their children? I don’t understand. Your children don’t look cute post puke. Is this a way to show how awesome you are as a mother because you made it through a puke fest? WHY DO YOU DO IT? Won’t this embarrass your children?

Me? I’ll just be a hypocrite and post awesome photos of bad hair. My kids have AWESOME hair.

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2 thoughts on “Hypocrite

  1. M

    Your kids are just plain AWESOME!!!

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