A Fashion Fairytale/ Castlewood Canyon

First off, would the record please show that I no longer have much sway in what Gooner – she said I can call her “Nook” as a nickname – chooses to wear. She thought this outfit was, “SO awesome!”If it is too short or too tight I pull rank. BUT she has definite fashion opinions and I’m ok with that. She looks fabulous in her stripes and is normally the best dressed thanks to her Grandma who spares no expense in making dresses. And Sooner? Why wouldn’t you wear a turkey shirt on our Valentine’s hike?  DSCN0866

I’m using the word hike loosely here. With all the snow we’ve been getting, paved trails are all we can do. Le sigh. I’m thankful for them.DSCN0860 We are missing the outdoors! This is the beauty of Colorado; you have beautiful days mixed among the winter freeze!

Q is an amazing Dad. He just wants to hike, while the girls just want mountain snack. This means all the girls want to do is stop and eat…even though they weren’t hungry. They wanted cookies, which we use as bait to make hiking look SUPER enticing. It works.DSCN0872

Black hair gets hot. And it matched her clothing. Clearly anything would match at this point!DSCN0862

And the 3rd Edition? Yah, let’s call her Dimples. She is SO HAPPY! Almost all the time. She’s easy. She’s awesome. She’s the 3rd child. Birth order matters people.

l am so excited for more hiking! DSCN0869I’m enjoying the stage of “the littles” but I’m so excited for when everyone is old enough to camp! But seriously, I could snuggle Dimples ALL DAY LONG!

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2 thoughts on “A Fashion Fairytale/ Castlewood Canyon

  1. M

    LOVE those girls.

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