Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVD

I finally bit the bullet and ordered The Brazil Butt Lift. I’ve been wanting it for awhile, but I had P90X and Turbo Fire in the back of my mind. I truly enjoy Turbo Fire…but I just wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted in my legs. It is also a 45 to 60 minute high intensity workout and when you stop to

  • help a child to the bathroom
  • change a diaper
  • get someone a snack
  • split up a fight
  • put someone to bed…

I honestly am dealing with that just fine, but once my heart rate goes down from such an extreme place, it is hard to just jump right in. And so this became my excuse; I didn’t WANT to workout because I was never able to complete it fully. And then I would get angry at my 3 year old who just wants a drink… And being a Mom IS more important so…

Then I had the idea to just do what you can. Ha, yah, I can usually do about 5 minutes of a workout before someone needs something. Wake up early you say? I tried that too. Nope, I end up waking ALL three of them. Every. Single. Time. I’m not sure if they sense that I’m occupied, hear the pounding, see the light or ? BUT, then I end up working out while Q tries to get himself out the door with children following him around crying and asking for breakfast. And for some CRAZY reason they don’t want DAD to help get breakfast they want MOM to help.

Enter Brazil Butt Lift. The box arrived. I took my measurements and before pics AGAIN. I’m getting ready for some after photos, if you know what I mean?

I haven’t posted all that much about my workouts. About the evolution of my health and diet. Truth? One reader emailed telling me that she was no longer interested in reading my blog because I was always failing. Clearly I wasn’t ready to lose weight…or I would. I’m not sure when I started caring what other people think so much. Maybe it is because I DO feel like I’m failing in weight loss and fitness. Or did. That is past tense. I’m two weeks into BBL and I love it. The girls love it. I’ve already had to pause it…and it isn’t the worst thing in the world. It is pretty easy to dive right back in.

And my photos won’t load. Sad day indeed!

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2 thoughts on “Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVD

  1. Holy shit, someone actually wrote you to tell you that? That is insane! GOOD RIDDANCE to that reader I say. I wrote something similar on my post yesterday, and my OLDEST blog friend wrote “Most importantly, I have been reading your blog for 5 years and have never gotten the feeling that these posts are about you failing. I am inspired (and jealous!) every single time. You are so conscious of your health and work so hard to do better. I so look up to you in this area.” <– THAT is the kind of friends and followers you need. Screw the haters.


    At any rate, I'm glad you're liking your new workout program! I got up at 5:30 today and did week 1 of Ripped in 30 for the first time in months. I hurt. Ugh. #hurtssogood?

    I look forward to your before & after photos!

    • Getting up early is SO HARD, but we are doing it!

      Yah, I’m done with the haters. I decided to blog anyway!

      On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 8:16 AM, Famille d'Arsenal wrote:


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