The Silver Platter

Most of my Mom’s family thinks I was handed life on a silver platter. Like they literally think that I STILL receive whatever I want. As in I received whatever I want growing up, and how I receive it now…. HA! Wait, I have one confession. ONE.

So my Dad is addicted to Chapstick. Like, take it away from him and he.can’t.think. He can’t even function. This is survival. I’m certain if you asked my Dad what he would take with him if he were stranded on an island…he’d take Chaptstick. First wish from a Genie? Forget world peace. Unlimited Original Chapstick delivered to my pocket please. I’m certain that if his last tube melted in the hot Texas sun, he would pull a Macgyver stunt and scrape it off. Dust? Chunks? Doesn’t matter. So, as a girl if we went to the store, by ourselves, Dad would buy me chapstick. He’d say, “need anything?” “Yah Dad, Chapstick.” He wouldn’t even question it, and he KNEW where the chapstick was. I’d pick something fruity, like Melon Burst, and he’d tease me. I did this EVERY time. I came to this marriage of mine with a drawer full. A DRAWER full. It took this seven years to finish and I had to actually buy my own. So yes, Chapstick was handed to me on a silver platter.Sepia-1110

My sister and I worked hard. Don’t think for a minute that if my sister and I had chosen to drink, party and have babies before marriage that there wouldn’t have been consequences. There would have been. And they would have been swift. And painful. If I asked for something that cost, a lot, they would laugh. We laugh a lot.IMG_8161

But my parents are giving. Princess Heidi She sews most everything for the girls.

Are we blessed? Absolutely. IMG_8717

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2 thoughts on “The Silver Platter

  1. M

    BUT, He’s very easy to buy for at Christmas. What does he get in his stocking every year? Chapstick! I love sewing for the girls. It is fun to see their eyes light up when they see the fabric and then the finished product.

  2. I do love the chapstick, that’s for sure. I like to use the blue stuff with sunscreen in the summer tho. I think they put something in that stuff to make me crave it. It’s a conspiracy I say…

    Love you guys.


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