Celiac Sprue

When the chips are down, you find out who your friends/family are. This is the truth. During my third pregnancy, with Dimples, I was incredibly sick. After delivery the sickness (I’m talking about throwing up everything you eat) was GONE, but I began to feel yucky. My stomach was always aching and purchasing antacids became a regular occurrence. My energy levels plummeted, but I thought it was from having three children and a husband who travels. I continued to workout, but it was awful. I truly struggled. I would jog and my muscles would cramp up. They would spasm, my body was betraying me. I began to have quite the belly. I looked pregnant and I hadn’t had a baby in 2 years. My friends would ask me out for ladies night and I was too exhausted to go. My face broke out with small boils. I would scratch my face till it bled, and it felt like ants were crawling under my skin. At one point I visited a dermatologist; she said it was definitely NOT food related. We spent 400$ on products that burned the flesh off my face. I was embarrassed. I counted calories and I worked out daily. I continued to gain 1 to 2 pounds a month. I logged onto myfitnesspal every day for 145 days straight and yet I gained. I would eat 1400 a day or 2000 calories and I’d still gain. It didn’t matter. NOTHING worked. I cried to Q. or my Mom daily. DAILY. I was so sad. Friends didn’t understand, and frankly, neither did we. Once the bumps and boils moved to my scalp, it was time to meet with a nutritionist. Q. and I had long believed I had am allergy to dairy or gluten.

And boom. I have Celiac Disease or Celiac Sprue. Continuing to eat gluten will hurt my small intestines. Consuming it makes me miserable. If I do ,I get bumps that fill with fluid and eventually scab over. Lovely right? And I get super sleepy, grumpy and get an upset stomach.

Now I don’t eat wheat protein, and I feel awesome. Firstly: you should never feel miserable on a regular basis. If you do, get help. Some people know more than you…and that’s ok. And some people don’t, like that dermatologist. Secondly: If your friends don’t understand you and what you are going through, put some space between you. They will either come back to you OR will move on. Build your tribe with people who love and respect you. Thirdly: Other people WILL be offended by your eating choices. It WILL bother people when you turn down anything.

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4 thoughts on “Celiac Sprue

  1. Oh my, I’ve been wondering how you were doing with everything because I know it’s been a struggle for you. I’m sorry that this is the diagnosis, but HOW COOL to finally have a diagnosis! One of my closest friends discovered the same thing last year, and she dropped like 30# in the first couple of months, just because her belly lost that distention and her intestines were so much happier with her. Best of luck to you moving forward, and screw the haters who get offended when you decline their dishes that would make you sick!!

  2. Ugh, sounds like you and I have been on a similar journey. It is so hard to find help…when symptoms are anything but usual. I dealt with a swollen abdomen/weight gain for over 2 years and thought I would just have to live that way. :’-( I think seeing the natural doctor here really helped…and after being on supplements for months and sticking with Trim Healthy Mama (sugar is a major trigger/flare up for me)…I see great progress. I am not swollen with a huge, “pregnant belly” and feeling like dirt for 10 days each month. I have more energy, and have lost over 17 pounds since May 20th…so thankful. I also got on a natural Yam cream, which doesn’t contain Progesterone, but can act like Progesterone…(thinking my hormones were also out of whack.) Anyhow, the journey to health and wellness can be hard, and full of bumps in the road. But thankful you have some answers!! Cheers to staying strong with food choices, especially during this time of year…which is HARD, I know. Blessings as you navigate a gluten free & healthier you! ❤

    • I’m sooooo glad you have answers as well!!!! It really is hard when you don’t have your health. Joy in the journey right!!!!!?

      On Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 11:58 AM, Famille d'Arsenal wrote:


  3. Oh La, me too. I’m just reading this now, but me too. Celiac diagnosis is SO hard to get, but that is exactly what I have too. And now I have no acne, no joint pain, and no bloating. It was AMAZING when I discovered it was just that – all this time – just wheat! It almost made me mad that something so simple took a decade of doctors to figure out. And I figured it out by happenstance, really, when we did a Whole 30. Then I took my concerns to the doctor and they tested and poof – problem figured out. Best of luck to you on the gf journey!

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