Celiac Sprue

When the chips are down, you find out who your friends/family are. This is the truth. During my third pregnancy, with Dimples, I was incredibly sick. After delivery the sickness (I’m talking about throwing up everything you eat) was GONE, but I began to feel yucky. My stomach was always aching and purchasing antacids became a regular occurrence. My energy levels plummeted, but I thought it was from having three children and a husband who travels. I continued to workout, but it was awful. I truly struggled. I would jog and my muscles would cramp up. They would spasm, my body was betraying me. I began to have quite the belly. I looked pregnant and I hadn’t had a baby in 2 years. My friends would ask me out for ladies night and I was too exhausted to go. My face broke out with small boils. I would scratch my face till it bled, and it felt like ants were crawling under my skin. At one point I visited a dermatologist; she said it was definitely NOT food related. We spent 400$ on products that burned the flesh off my face. I was embarrassed. I counted calories and I worked out daily. I continued to gain 1 to 2 pounds a month. I logged onto myfitnesspal every day for 145 days straight and yet I gained. I would eat 1400 a day or 2000 calories and I’d still gain. It didn’t matter. NOTHING worked. I cried to Q. or my Mom daily. DAILY. I was so sad. Friends didn’t understand, and frankly, neither did we. Once the bumps and boils moved to my scalp, it was time to meet with a nutritionist. Q. and I had long believed I had am allergy to dairy or gluten.

And boom. I have Celiac Disease or Celiac Sprue. Continuing to eat gluten will hurt my small intestines. Consuming it makes me miserable. If I do ,I get bumps that fill with fluid and eventually scab over. Lovely right? And I get super sleepy, grumpy and get an upset stomach.

Now I don’t eat wheat protein, and I feel awesome. Firstly: you should never feel miserable on a regular basis. If you do, get help. Some people know more than you…and that’s ok. And some people don’t, like that dermatologist. Secondly: If your friends don’t understand you and what you are going through, put some space between you. They will either come back to you OR will move on. Build your tribe with people who love and respect you. Thirdly: Other people WILL be offended by your eating choices. It WILL bother people when you turn down anything.

Be you.dscn1395

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The Birds and the Bees

The Birds: I used to like humming birds. Beautiful, shiny little things. Flitting about, sugar loving, iridescent birds. I currently LOVE sitting on the deck. The girls love sitting on the deck. The neighbors love hummingbirds. They feed them. The hummingbirds have become attack birds. Dive bombing. Not afraid. Death birds. Like torpedo your head, fly through your hair killer birds. It is difficult to teach your children to be fearless while I’m screaming in fear of birds IN MY HAIR. I felt ridiculous and only wanted a tennis racket. And seriously? They are like the size of large butterflies. Gag.


The Bees: I’ve never liked bees, yet at the same time I’ve also never been afraid. The worst that can happen is a sting right? Wrong. The worst thing that can happen is having a bee, with a vendetta against your family, trapped in your van, with your children strapped in their safety belts. I even ran away from the van and though I lured it away from the girls, it flew back in when I rushed the drivers seat! I ended up leaving the girls on the curb, speeding around the parking lot and then pulling them in the drivers side door while the bee dive bombed our windows! Seriously? Gooner, while strapped into her booster, nail falling off and bleeding, was stung. At one point we were all screaming and possibly crying. The bee continued to follow us throughout the parking lot and I needed those girls safely out of my lap and in their seats. Stupid bee. And then the rain came.  I have NEVER been so excited to stand in the rain and help my girls. It was tragic. DSCN0606

The Birds and the Bees: Apparently Gooner (5) learned about the actual birds and the bees during show and tell today. One of her friends brought a vet kit for show and tell…Complete with animals…that birth their babies. Thankfully she didn’t understand it all. According to Gooner: “Mommy’s poop our their babies. Some of them have them out of a different hole… where you probably pee from.” Awesome. I’m not sure if I dodged a bullet or not. I’m not certain why the teacher didn’t stop this informational show and tell. I liked the girl that brought her stuffed animal to share better.DSCN0610

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Glucose – The Follow Up

First of all, your opinions on all things pregnancy are fabulous. You guys caused me to dig deeper. SO, I did more research – including talking to the medical profession –  that I’m going to share so that I can answer your questions, comments and statements with my opinion.Gooner With My Glucose Test

  1. The Glucose Tolerance Test. In my terms: you fast, then you drink a whole bunch of sugar and then an hour later they draw your blood and test it to see how your body clears the glucose from the blood. It is used to figure out if you have or could have diabetes. If gone untreated it is dangerous for Mom and Baby. This, in THEORY, makes sense. Not a big deal right? I mean, a whole row of Oreos eaten at one sitting has more sugar than the average glucose test and we have ALL done that right? Half of the glucose drink has 55 grams of sugar. One oreo has 4.5 grams of sugar, about one teaspoon. Do the math, that’s a lot of oreos. SO, to complete the glucose exam you need 110 grams of sugar…AFTER you have fasted.
  2. I know what it tests, but not sure what the side effects are. I already have low blood sugar AND have been sick most every day of this pregnancy. I am advised to fast for 12 to 14 hours and then have someone else drive me to my appointment since it isn’t safe. I will then FLOOD my system with sugar, er glorified kool aid. Taking the test is a HUGE hassle. I don’t feel well when I take it and I’m not convinced that the test is valid or accurate for anything. The bottle says possible side effects include fainting, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  3. Are you concerned about drinking the sugary stuff? Is there an alternative?It’s hard to drink that stuff, but we ALL survive. And it certainly isn’t because of the sugar, as I mentioned below, I’ve eaten half a pack of cookies and came out with merely an upset stomach. A medical professional said that in the PAST some patients were allowed to consume jelly beans or eat a meal. This has since been revoked by federal law. All women must take the test uniformly so that the results are standardized.
  4. Maybe there are some other measures the doctor can take. There are!!! They take a urine sample EVERY time I go in and test it for sugar! If there is sugar in the urine, they will let me know RIGHT AWAY and I will change my diet RIGHT AWAY. Also, did I fail to mention that I passed the glucose test with my first pregnancy, that there is no history of diabetes in my family, and that I live an active and healthy lifestyle? I don’t need the test.
  5. Why do you regret taking it? Because I didn’t need it. I didn’t show any of the signs or have any of the risk factors. A medical test should only be given if you NEED it.
  6. I liked the assurance of a test. I can see why some women would want to take the test even if they don’t have any of the risks. I believe telling a woman that her baby could be still born is a pretty good scare tactic. If you have risk, I think you should take it, if you don’t, then I don’t think you should have to. I think it should be YOUR informed choice.
  7. I know that I needed that test. I’m glad you took it. You need to do what is right for you and baby.
  8. I was diet controlled and can’t regret taking the test. I think we should all have healthy diets anyway, especially during pregnancy.
  9. I didn’t know it was unhealthy. Drinking that much sugar is never healthy. Taking unneeded tests is expensive! If you have risks though for GD then I DO think it’s worth a little extra sugar.SO, if YOU are reading this and I am responding to YOUR comment or question try not to be offended. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings. I think we need to make INFORMED decisions. While researching this I found scientific studies that said that the glucose test is in fact out dated and doesn’t necessarily detect GD. There are also many false negatives and false positives from the test proving standards VERY difficult to set.
  10. My informed decision: I declined the glucose test at my appointment today.
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Random Edition: 3


  • “Despite all the pain and mess, I feel like I’m carrying around a sweet secret.” Anne Frank said this in regards to her period. I do not feel the same way. AND if you are all hiding together in a few small rooms I highly doubt it was a secret. Although, I am glad that my mother failed to grant me permission to have a hysterectomy when I blossomed into a woman.  I swore I wanted one, badly, and right away. She lured me with a trip to the movie store and we rented Strictly Ballroom. Mom told me that one day I would want babies, and she was right.
  • Speaking of babies I visited three blogs that I hadn’t been to in awhile and ALL of the authors were pregnant and ALL of them had babies after me… Am I selfish to want space between my babies? I really just want to enjoy Gooner before all the pregnancy stuff ensues.We will though, don’t worry.
  • While subbing I stopped a nipple piercing IN PROGRESS. I turned around for five seconds and two guys already had an earring ready to insert and a paper clip ready to stab. When I royally FREAKED out the guy calmly told me that he was a professional. Right, because I want my nipple pierced by a 17 year old guy wielding a paper clip. Awesome.
  • I was accused of being racist. Again. This no longer surprises me. Even though I have a mixed daughter he said it”wasn’t the same” because his mother married a Mexican SO he is TWO minorities. I’m glad THAT is clear as mud.
  • I feel terrible for all of Japan. Wow. It’s terrible, just terrible.
  • We went to Texas Roadhouse and I ordered Salmon! Who goes to a steakhouse and orders salmon? Oh that’s right, ME! Because I have a daughter that eats healthy fish instead of mac n cheese, chicken strips, and small bites of steak. All that crap that most kids eat, mine won’t. Most of the time I love this, and other times I wish she’d just eat a kids meal. So we shared salmon and green beans. I wasn’t about to order an all beef hot dog because we all know that lips, ears and butt holes ALL constitute BEEF. Don’t be fooled.
  • Since we are talking about meat let’s talk about pork. We all know that you have to cook pork to a certain temperature to kill all the worms RIGHT? Anyway, while eating a pork tenderloin have you ever wondered where those worms disappeared to? I figure they are just all dead and still in the meat. Makes sense….and this thought makes me gag. Even though I’m NOT supposed to eat pork on the gall bladder “diet” this alone makes me say, “no thank you.”
  • I should probably stop. You NEVER know what I could say next…
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Me, A Racist?

I subbed High School French today, so help me GOD! Let me just start by saying that students call me their “funnest, most favorite, but most strictest” of all subs…and today was no exception. I spent the day painfully listening to kids butcher French in the worst way. I came home with a headache and I can’t imagine why. Maybe it was the way the kids failed at memorizing basic vocabulary OR the way they acted. Ha.

Rule Number One: You may NOT send text messages or play games during class. If I see you doing this I will take your phone. This is your warning. (A handful of kids put the phones in their backpacks or pockets. The OTHER students left the phones on their desks…dangerous.)

So a BLACK 10th grade boy decided to play a game while I wasn’t looking. And so I walked up and took the phone away. Lawd have mercy you’d think I took his very life! And do you know what popped out of his mouth?

“You took that cause I was BLACK didn’t you?” (Please note he said WAS. Seriously annoying.)

Me: “Are you for reals? You think it’s cause you’re black? Boy, you picked the WRONG teacher to accuse of racism since I’m married to a BLACK man. I don’t care if you’re black and I’m white. Clearly I don’t have a problem with it!” So I took the phone. And a girl freaked out. “That’s MY phone.”

Me: Well he was playing a game on it.
Him: Take my phone, I took hers.
Her: I didn’t know he took it.
Me: Well why was it on the table? Your phone is YOUR responsibility.
Her: But I didn’t KNOW.
Him: She didn’t know I SWEAR.
Me: I don’t care. I said no phones. If you had had your phone put away he wouldn’t have been playing with it.

She got her phone back at the end of class. I didn’t have any more phone problems for the rest of the day. By 8th period word had gotten out…

Another kid told me that he couldn’t speak to me in French because he only spoke Russian! Ha, this happens to be a language I know, so I responded in Russian. He couldn’t understand  me and told me he “made a mistake, it is Croatian he knows.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Yet another girl told me that even though she’s in French II she can’t speak French, sadly SHE only speaks Arabic. So I responded with the limited Arabic that I know and she had ZERO clue what I was saying.

She: What did you just say? For real?
Me: If you didn’t understand me, you certainly don’t speak Arabic.

I don’t know folks. COME ON!? And this is the tip of the ice berg of my French subbing stories….from TODAY! More stories to come!

Q is posting Monday! Have a great weekend!

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