The Birds and the Bees

The Birds: I used to like humming birds. Beautiful, shiny little things. Flitting about, sugar loving, iridescent birds. I currently LOVE sitting on the deck. The girls love sitting on the deck. The neighbors love hummingbirds. They feed them. The hummingbirds have become attack birds. Dive bombing. Not afraid. Death birds. Like torpedo your head, fly through your hair killer birds. It is difficult to teach your children to be fearless while I’m screaming in fear of birds IN MY HAIR. I felt ridiculous and only wanted a tennis racket. And seriously? They are like the size of large butterflies. Gag.


The Bees: I’ve never liked bees, yet at the same time I’ve also never been afraid. The worst that can happen is a sting right? Wrong. The worst thing that can happen is having a bee, with a vendetta against your family, trapped in your van, with your children strapped in their safety belts. I even ran away from the van and though I lured it away from the girls, it flew back in when I rushed the drivers seat! I ended up leaving the girls on the curb, speeding around the parking lot and then pulling them in the drivers side door while the bee dive bombed our windows! Seriously? Gooner, while strapped into her booster, nail falling off and bleeding, was stung. At one point we were all screaming and possibly crying. The bee continued to follow us throughout the parking lot and I needed those girls safely out of my lap and in their seats. Stupid bee. And then the rain came.  I have NEVER been so excited to stand in the rain and help my girls. It was tragic. DSCN0606

The Birds and the Bees: Apparently Gooner (5) learned about the actual birds and the bees during show and tell today. One of her friends brought a vet kit for show and tell…Complete with animals…that birth their babies. Thankfully she didn’t understand it all. According to Gooner: “Mommy’s poop our their babies. Some of them have them out of a different hole… where you probably pee from.” Awesome. I’m not sure if I dodged a bullet or not. I’m not certain why the teacher didn’t stop this informational show and tell. I liked the girl that brought her stuffed animal to share better.DSCN0610

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Gooner or Sooner?


You tell me…IMG_8682

Sometimes I don’t even know.IMG_8451


Oh and unlike EVERYONE else, I’m not a photographer so, ignore the blurry and love the face.


But wow do they love each other.IMG_8454

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Er, Health?

“SO, if health is SO important…why don’t you blog about it anymore?”

Welllllll, I STILL think it is important. We STILL drink smoothies about 3X a week. We STILL workout at the gym and at home.

BUT, Sooner was born in February. She is 9 months old and I am STILL breastfeeding. I weigh more than I EVER have sans bebe in belly AND the scale won’t budge DOWN. At all. I KNOW it is normal for some women to lose quickly and others to lose slowly.

As for me, my body is preparing for a MASSIVE food shortage. And I don’t really have anything encouraging to say about it…except don’t give up. I’m not posting photos because for all my hard work there is VERY little visual progression. I’ve toned up a bit and my belly isn’t nearly as round, BUT that is it.

If I work out 6 days a week, watch what I eat…yet my weight remains the same. If I let myself go I gain. Simple as that.

Don’t worry, I’m enjoying my baby and not worrying BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t wish myself thinner every day… I get sorta annoyed when I read that I shouldn’t worry about it but enjoy my baby and where I am at. Thanks, but I work hard and I want to see some REAL results.

Eventually I will stop breastfeeding (for now I am happy with it and so is she) and eventually the weight will come off. So keep on keepin’ on!

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I cleaned under the…

oven. It was gruesome.

Despite Gooner having a fever – complete with massive mucus and hacking – I wanted to clean under the oven. Back in May, when Gooner turned 3, Clarissa gave Gooner a broom. And when she helps me sweep, odd items randomly go flying…many ending up under the oven.

I found rocks, bottle tops, magnetic alphabet letters, a miniature toy camera and crumbs. Loads of crumbs. It was gross. Q left work early to come home and relieve me of my mommy duties since I’ve been lacking in sleep caring for sickie Gooner and growing baby Sooner. He told me to take a bath, go for a run, do something other than do my typical mommy duties. He’d even purchased Chipotle so I wouldn’t have to cook. He KNOWS the way to my heart is through Mexican food.

Our house is beginning to smell like Vicks. I SHOULD go to bed. It could be a long one…

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Busy Around Here!

And exhausted!

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A Girl…

and her teddy bear.

She is growing up. That teddy bear doesn’t have to go everywhere with us now. We are past having melt downs if she forgets him at home. And when teddy bear is lost it isn’t the end of the world. I thought this day would never come. When teddy bear is left in the dust I will be a little sad. I do NOT wish her childhood away. Even when I’m in the trenches.

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Ready for…


No, but she thinks she is!

Sooner wanted it badly, and Gooner gloated that she already had some!

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Fall is coming… And dog poop talk

So time for SOCCER!

Is your family the more a football or soccer family? Oh, and Gooner stepped in dog poop while playing soccer. Dog poop. Ew. And she thought so too. And then she accused the next woman walking her dog that it was HER dog’s poop that she stepped in. It wasn’t. The poop was old and crusty. She informed the woman that she should pick up her dogs poop. The woman started discussing poop etiquette with three year old Gooner. Hilarious. Gooner…confrontational? Um, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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Enjoying the…


Sweet child of mine.

Sister came to help out.
Please note the pursed lips.

Thanks for helping Gooner! Check out Sooner’s hair!

The hair on top is making up for the baldness in the back…

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Turning Three – Back in May…

Oh they grow up fast. I totally know it is cliché, but it is true. I feel all choked up that Gooner is such a little lady.  Q managed to put off his business trip one more day so that he could spend Gooner’s birthday with her. She is a total daddy’s girl and I know she had more fun because he was around.  Since Gooner LOVES fish…we went to the aquarium.

It was pretty fab except Gooner was afraid of all the fish. Apparently she changed her mind to only loving SMALL fish. (Please note one of her gifts for her second birthday was a fish – Hector – since she loved FISH so much) Ugh. It was an expensive trip considering all she wanted to do was claw my leg begging for me to hold her.

Oh the fish were scary!

This year she totally understood gifts and presents.

And my girl is three. And she can’t wait to be five.

Gooner here are things for you to remember when you do get older:

Any time Sooner cries you announce,”Sooner needs feeding!” You spot every.single.Jeep. that we come across. You think Daddy can do ANYTHING. If I can’t do something you respond with, “that’s ok, Daddy can save you.” You LOVE your Uncle Reg even though you’ve met him only once. You want to paint, draw, and colour pictures for Uncle Reg. Your goal is to find him in every picture that you can. You love to put on deodorant. You are upset that you are absent in all our wedding photos and your reaction is to say, “That’s not very nice Mom.” Any time you accidentally do something you respond with, “Sorry ’bout that.” Spider Man, Bat Man, The Hulk are all scary monsters. You LOVE LOVE LOVE going to church, er going to see Jesus…as you call it. You love muffins, iced tea, egg rolls, broccoli and couscous.

Oh and for the most part you hate sweets and candy, just like your dad, so you refused to eat your birthday cake. Awesome.

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