Hiking Season

Hiking is amazing. Hiking with littles can be a challenge…especially with diapers. There is NOTHING zen about changing a diaper on the side of a trail…or on the trail. And we all know the rules, hike it in and hike it out! Leave no trace. So now you have a bag full of diaper poo. It’s gross. Now that she’s turning two next month and potty trained, the world is FULL of possibilities! As long as you can squat in the woods you can go anywhere!

We bought a new hiking book. I’m so excited to hit the trails! Colorado is tricky and will most likely throw another snow storm at us. It is supposed to snow when my Mom is here for Easter. And Gooner, she turns 7 this year. I can’t even handle it.

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Whole30 ???

My diet needs a jump start. Diet as in the way I eat, not like Slim Fast.

This time last year I was pregnant. Looking good during the summer was not even a thought! Well, the other day I pulled out my capris. Capris that SHOULD fit…but don’t. Enter Whole30. I’ve had around ten friends do this nightmare body reset and ALL of them lost between 15-20 pounds. And it helped jumpstart them on a healthy lifestyle.

Hmmmmmmmm. No grains. No beans. No dairy. No sugar. Holy yuck. Looks like vegetables, meat, cheese and eggs to me! Nuts? This sounds awful. It sounds difficult. challenging. I don’t even know.

Any thoughts? It is ONLY for 30 days. This isn’t meant as forever, but it is to curb cravings and addictions. Advice?DSCN0989 We found an outhouse on one of our hikes. Dids and I pretended to “go” and you can tell by her face that she was thrilled. Just keeping it classy folks! She was ecstatic to pseudo squat over a huge abandoned hole. I’m just glad the bees weren’t out. There are some places bees shouldn’t sting!

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They Went Exploring


And then my sister and I got in trouble for letting our girls roam with rattle snakes.


The park ranger was kind in his reprimand, but it still made us feel like we were back in middle school…only this time we have SIX daughters between us.


Six. Dramatic. Girls.


This was one of my favorite visits yet.


My sister and her family live overseas, so seeing each other is rare, few, and far between.

But lets be honest here, if she lived down the street we would probably fight all the time. Although half way across the world is a leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetle too far and I miss her a lot.

And I LOVE 3rd Edition’s hair. The comb has little to no effect, it sticks straight up. She is now 2 months old and it is juuuuuuuuuust starting to curl.

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Nutrition – It Frustrates Me

I want to eat healthy. I want to cook healthy foods for my family. I want to lose the baby weight in a healthy manner.

I feel like I am lacking in knowledge. I am so confused over low carb, high protein, macro nutrients, calorie counting, 80%/20%, paleo, gluten free… The list goes on and on and on.

To be honest, I don’t even understand it all!


I just don’t.

I’m ready to have this baby so that we can do MORE hiking.


Snow hiking is fabulous, BUT not when you are 36 weeks. Uncoordinated. And waiting to fall at every turn. All while holding the hand of an unsteady 2 year old…


And then after baby comes out, preferably before, I have to figure out this 80/20 thing. Time to give it a whirl.

And we can go back to hiking. Hiking where I can see my feet.




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Guilty as Charged

Remember the bulk bins? Remember how I always…er, never judge? Yah, about that.

I heard a sound behind me while shopping. It was Gooner. She had BOTH hands pushed deeply in a $6.99 a pound pastel coloured “Jordan Almonds” bulk bin. Ew gross! Know what? I KNOW where her little hands have been. She still gets reminded to wash her hands after she goes potty. And sometimes she likes to be frugal and only use one square of toilet paper. This is because she unrolled a whole roll once and for a consequence, she couldn’t drink smoothie for the entire day. She thought her life was over. She has NEVER done it since…we don’t mess with smoothies around here. BUT, the point is…I do my best but her hands…. We call germs immunity builder uppers and don’t freak out about it. But someone buying almonds covered in yummy chocolate for $6.99 a pound might!

I THEN did what ANY awesome parent would do and threaten that if she EVER did that again she wouldn’t get her “treat” at the end. Her treat is a 15 cent sucker that the employees always giver her for free because “she’s so cute.” It drives me batty since she has to be GOOD in order to get one, unless the employees get to her first. The only difference here is that my kid is 3.5 years and Bulk Bin Lady was at least 70.

Sooner is GOLDEN… as long as she has a biter biscuit. She doesn’t crawl. She doesn’t scoot. And she doesn’t have any teeth.

She is SO content. Her secret thrill:

Hair Pulling. MAYBE not so secret… We are ALL victims.

Chipotle picnic in a mountain town! Q is multitasking here…feeding himself, protecting Gooner from bugs, and feeding Sooner. He is awesome and brilliant!

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Have Mercy!

It’s been awhile! We’ve been up to many an adventure!

*Explaining to those that don’t even crawl yet that this is a SOCCER family. That we kick balls and don’t throw them.


*We took the doors off the Jeep er -Arsenal Mobile- and went off roading.

*Hiked up to a beautiful lake for Labor Day, North of Estes Park.

*Took a road trip to Nebraska for a wedding. We had LOADS of fun with friends and family. Gooner realized a wig with multi-colored curls is better than her own…

* Gooner grew up….again.

*Sooner learned that this is a running family: she has to either endure or love it if you want to go to the park afterwards.

* More hiking…surprised?

* Q started traveling more with his job so time together is SUPER special…

*And I tried my hand at door swag.

*This post is not about pumpkin spice OR politics. Shocker.






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The Hike

Our Mountain: Mt. Bierstadt

Gooner was totally thrilled to wake up at the butt crack of dawn. Seriously.

Obligatory September water crossing!

And we continued on, and on, and on…

It really did feel like forever! We let Gooner hike about 2 miles where it wasn’t steep.

You THINK you get to the top and then you realize you have over a hundred feet of scrambling! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

We DID reach the summit!

Um, OF COURSE we would make out on the mountain! Why wouldn’t we????

The views were beautiful! BUT, Gooner was nervous with the heights!

She was glad it was over too!

Oh, it was cold on the way up. This ice was slippery!

The best wildlife! They were so pretty!

It was an awesome hike, but by far my least favorite 14er. Maybe it was because it was a million times harder since I was pregnant. Maybe it was because I forgot sunscreen and burned my face off. Maybe it was because I wasn’t as in good a shape as previous 14ers. I don’t know. Hiking with Q is a lot of fun though. He went slow for me. Nothing like your belly getting in your way to make hiking harder!

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Completely Random

1. Gooner has entered into a mad screaming phase. If she doesn’t get her way…she screams. A lot. For a long time. And loudly. A neighbor came over and asked if a bird was dying in my house. Really? She said that Gooner “wasn’t the type” to freak out and “what did you do to her?” Once again, SERIOUSLY!???

2. Gooner misses Grandma. She thinks Grandma will give whatever she wants. And to an extent that is true. I’m just not as cool as Grandma.

3. Flash card work with her bear Norman.

4. We saw some chickens at a political event.

5. We started eating spinach again since we entered the second trimester and I could stomach greens again.

6. Hiked a huge mountain.

7. Attended the Taste of Colorado and bought expensive sweet corn.

8. On a walk I noticed that my profile has changed…just a bit with Sooner. We gave Gooner some choices and SHE chose Sooner.

9. Played some soccer in Colorado Springs! Those are mountains behind Q.

10. Enjoyed the last of the pool!

11. And found out the gender! Baby update tomorrow?

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Our labor day weekend was BUSY! Q took some vacay days and they were WONDERFUL!

BUT, we are still exhausted. Sneak peak at our fab 14er hike:

What did you do?

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Lair O’ The Bear

Our trail was sadly VERY easy….even for a pregnant lady. The was the ONLY trail with elevation gain. We like elevation.

The mountain behind Q and Gooner is where we climbed. At least there was water.

Lots of water!

The water was refreshing!

We found a rock and got our family photo!

We also CLEARLY did the Creek Side Trail.

Saw some wild life!

And enjoyed the wild flowers.

It was a fun hike indeed!

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