Hiking Season

Hiking is amazing. Hiking with littles can be a challenge…especially with diapers. There is NOTHING zen about changing a diaper on the side of a trail…or on the trail. And we all know the rules, hike it in and hike it out! Leave no trace. So now you have a bag full of diaper poo. It’s gross. Now that she’s turning two next month and potty trained, the world is FULL of possibilities! As long as you can squat in the woods you can go anywhere!

We bought a new hiking book. I’m so excited to hit the trails! Colorado is tricky and will most likely throw another snow storm at us. It is supposed to snow when my Mom is here for Easter. And Gooner, she turns 7 this year. I can’t even handle it.

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Hello, Winter.

Storm. After storm. After Blizzard. I love this! Oh, Colorado. I LOVE putting on my boots and heading outside with the girls. I saw the snow out the window and just wanted to swan dive into the powder. I could see myself sailing down the mountain on a pair of freshly waxed skis. Although Q says boarding is better. Who knows… ?


18 Inches of Snow

Since we have littles I spend the day drinking coffee and snuggled in a fluffy blanket. My Mom made this for the 3rd Edition BUT, seriously? She doesn’t appreciate it like I do. And do you like my manicure? Yah… I still have a girl in diapers. I mean, having long nails would mean poop stuck up in there. Gross.


Coffee and Fluffy

This is my little baker. She LOVES to help. I love her helping…for the most part. It takes 30 times as long BUT it tastes 100 times sweeter! Her favorite part is eating the flour. The FLOUR. Ew.  And she will be 4 soon.IMG_20151120_144917Happy Thanksgiving! I have SO MUCH to be thankful for! And so do YOU!

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Whole30 ???

My diet needs a jump start. Diet as in the way I eat, not like Slim Fast.

This time last year I was pregnant. Looking good during the summer was not even a thought! Well, the other day I pulled out my capris. Capris that SHOULD fit…but don’t. Enter Whole30. I’ve had around ten friends do this nightmare body reset and ALL of them lost between 15-20 pounds. And it helped jumpstart them on a healthy lifestyle.

Hmmmmmmmm. No grains. No beans. No dairy. No sugar. Holy yuck. Looks like vegetables, meat, cheese and eggs to me! Nuts? This sounds awful. It sounds difficult. challenging. I don’t even know.

Any thoughts? It is ONLY for 30 days. This isn’t meant as forever, but it is to curb cravings and addictions. Advice?DSCN0989 We found an outhouse on one of our hikes. Dids and I pretended to “go” and you can tell by her face that she was thrilled. Just keeping it classy folks! She was ecstatic to pseudo squat over a huge abandoned hole. I’m just glad the bees weren’t out. There are some places bees shouldn’t sting!

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Bu-Bye Summer!!! – In Photos

DSCN0520 DSCN0511 DSCN0513 DSCN0497 DSCN0527 DSCN0496

PS. I met a million neighbors at the pool. Like all of them. If you feel lonely – have children or get a dog. Boom. Conversation starter!

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They Went Exploring


And then my sister and I got in trouble for letting our girls roam with rattle snakes.


The park ranger was kind in his reprimand, but it still made us feel like we were back in middle school…only this time we have SIX daughters between us.


Six. Dramatic. Girls.


This was one of my favorite visits yet.


My sister and her family live overseas, so seeing each other is rare, few, and far between.

But lets be honest here, if she lived down the street we would probably fight all the time. Although half way across the world is a leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetle too far and I miss her a lot.

And I LOVE 3rd Edition’s hair. The comb has little to no effect, it sticks straight up. She is now 2 months old and it is juuuuuuuuuust starting to curl.

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April Showers Bring…Snow


Well, Colorado, you never fail to bring us a Spring snow storm. Or two. Or three.

And Dad totally came through with the whole Frozen, let’s make a snowman thing.DSCN0183

But it wasn’t long before the little bailed on the cold.DSCN0185

Did you think Gooner could build a snowman in anything other than a sparkly dress?DSCN0191

And Q, he is ALWAYS so hot. He’d NEVER turn on the heat if it were up to him. Thankfully for the girls, it isn’t.DSCN0203

The finished product. Clearly Olaf…DSCN0205

And we moved to the boonies. Our view is amazing.


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Costume Fabulousness


and Our Little Flower

Gooner: “Mom, can I lick her?” Sooner: “MOM, she’s tryin’ to lick me!”

and The Happy Family!

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Baby Wearing



is handsome.

Gooner came home from the gym telling me, “I’m black. The naughty boy told me I’m black.” She held her arm up to mine, frowned and said “hmmmmmm.” THEN she walked off and played with her toys. She is 3 1/2 years old. For some reason I thought I wouldn’t deal with this until later. I’ve been telling her for years that we ARE different and that it is a wonderful thing. And me… I make one good lookin’ Cowboy:

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Guilty as Charged

Remember the bulk bins? Remember how I always…er, never judge? Yah, about that.

I heard a sound behind me while shopping. It was Gooner. She had BOTH hands pushed deeply in a $6.99 a pound pastel coloured “Jordan Almonds” bulk bin. Ew gross! Know what? I KNOW where her little hands have been. She still gets reminded to wash her hands after she goes potty. And sometimes she likes to be frugal and only use one square of toilet paper. This is because she unrolled a whole roll once and for a consequence, she couldn’t drink smoothie for the entire day. She thought her life was over. She has NEVER done it since…we don’t mess with smoothies around here. BUT, the point is…I do my best but her hands…. We call germs immunity builder uppers and don’t freak out about it. But someone buying almonds covered in yummy chocolate for $6.99 a pound might!

I THEN did what ANY awesome parent would do and threaten that if she EVER did that again she wouldn’t get her “treat” at the end. Her treat is a 15 cent sucker that the employees always giver her for free because “she’s so cute.” It drives me batty since she has to be GOOD in order to get one, unless the employees get to her first. The only difference here is that my kid is 3.5 years and Bulk Bin Lady was at least 70.

Sooner is GOLDEN… as long as she has a biter biscuit. She doesn’t crawl. She doesn’t scoot. And she doesn’t have any teeth.

She is SO content. Her secret thrill:

Hair Pulling. MAYBE not so secret… We are ALL victims.

Chipotle picnic in a mountain town! Q is multitasking here…feeding himself, protecting Gooner from bugs, and feeding Sooner. He is awesome and brilliant!

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Have Mercy!

It’s been awhile! We’ve been up to many an adventure!

*Explaining to those that don’t even crawl yet that this is a SOCCER family. That we kick balls and don’t throw them.


*We took the doors off the Jeep er -Arsenal Mobile- and went off roading.

*Hiked up to a beautiful lake for Labor Day, North of Estes Park.

*Took a road trip to Nebraska for a wedding. We had LOADS of fun with friends and family. Gooner realized a wig with multi-colored curls is better than her own…

* Gooner grew up….again.

*Sooner learned that this is a running family: she has to either endure or love it if you want to go to the park afterwards.

* More hiking…surprised?

* Q started traveling more with his job so time together is SUPER special…

*And I tried my hand at door swag.

*This post is not about pumpkin spice OR politics. Shocker.






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