Have Mercy!

It’s been awhile! We’ve been up to many an adventure!

*Explaining to those that don’t even crawl yet that this is a SOCCER family. That we kick balls and don’t throw them.


*We took the doors off the Jeep er -Arsenal Mobile- and went off roading.

*Hiked up to a beautiful lake for Labor Day, North of Estes Park.

*Took a road trip to Nebraska for a wedding. We had LOADS of fun with friends and family. Gooner realized a wig with multi-colored curls is better than her own…

* Gooner grew up….again.

*Sooner learned that this is a running family: she has to either endure or love it if you want to go to the park afterwards.

* More hiking…surprised?

* Q started traveling more with his job so time together is SUPER special…

*And I tried my hand at door swag.

*This post is not about pumpkin spice OR politics. Shocker.






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The Sickies Visited Our House

Who knows WHAT we have…but we have it. We as in me, Sooner and Gooner. Q somehow managed to stay healthy through all this. When I saw a doctor, he made the following comment: ” it looks like you have Influenza H1N1.” Um, awesome. I can now tell you that although I didn’t know what I had at that moment, I highly doubted that I had Influenza H1N1. I mean c’mon. A rapid strep test showed that however much inflamed and SUPER painful my throat was I did not have strep throat. It was a minor relief but I had a fever for 3 straight days while Q was stuck at work until Midnight during those days… So I had the girls on my own, WITH a fever, with no help.

Our SUPER kind neighbor offered to do ANYTHING she could to help, but if I had “avian flu” um, she needed to stay FAR away from me. If I had been desperate though, I could have had her pick something up, told her to hold her breath and drop it at my front door. So I coughed a lot, had a hard time swallowing, and randomly threw up. Whatever I had, it wasn’t fun. MEANWHILE both girls had pink eye. And Gooner had a fever and was constantly coughing. For awhile I wasn’t sure we were going to make it. Sooner is healthy now and so is Gooner. As for me, holy cow, I’m still canceling play dates. I lost my voice for a few days ago and I felt isolated and incapable of communicating to the world. It was weird. Gooner handled it pretty well, but every now and then she would puts her arms around me and sweetly ask, “Mom, can you talk to me?” In response to her question I pointed to my throat and she patted my arm saying, “It’s ok Mom. I love you.” I am so glad that whatever I had is going away!

Onto PBB (Post Baby Body)

A month ago I spoke to my sister about wanting The Fitbit to assist in my weight loss and then BOOM, it arrived on my doorstep a week later. Um Yah, she’s awesome. Although she said it was for my birthday in August, she encourage me to start using it immediately. And I did RIGHT AWAY. So April’s total weight loss: 4.4 pounds! Woohoo! SO, that’s about 1.1 pounds a week. Well actually, I restricted my calories drastically in hopes of trying to lose 2 pounds a week and it affected my milk supply which = cranky baby. SO, I added in a plethora of calories and Sooner was much happier. I GUESS I’m going to have to be content with one pound a week for the time being. But as long as the scale is moving DOWN I’m a happy camper. My clothes are starting to feel better and for that I am grateful!

A few of you have asked how much I want to lose and the truth is…I don’t know. I have an idea of how I would LIKE to look and feel. I was the most comfortable in my skin while attending college. I worked out A LOT and spent a lot of time outdoors and ate healthy food. But now I’ve had babies my body HAS changed so I don’t know what looks and feels good for me anymore. In fact I haven’t felt truly comfortable with my body since having babies. I did NOT get to my happy place after Gooner, but I’d like to get there this time around. And I’ll get there one pound at a time… I even lost a pound while on vacation at my Mom’s! She’d even made German Chocolate Cake with this yummy coconut frosting and I had to remind myself HOURLY to say NO! For ME, it is easier to have NOTHING than to treat myself a little. I know, experts say not to deny yourself or you will binge. But for me, I’m NOT satisfied with one bite…I want the whole piece…which I CAN and WILL do once I’m maintaining (in moderation). While trying to lose FAT, it just doesn’t make sense to EAT fat. Also, part of my motivation is Q’s level of fitness. Now I will NEVER have the body fat % that he has BUT he is very disciplined and he works hard for his body. He RARELY eats fatty or junk food and he never misses a work out. Yesterday he was getting his yellow fever vaccine for an upcoming business trip and the nurse exclaimed in frustration, “I just can’t find any fat on your arm!” – That will NEVER happen to me.

And here’s a picture from our recent vacation in Texas:

And for all 6 of you that continue to check my blog every day…God bless you!

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Doth Mine Eyes Deceive Me?

CLEARLY I’m NOT THAT BIG! (Oh wait, maybe just a little…) It’s the coat guys! 😉

Seriously? Anyway, this is a pic from our last soccer game of the season. Don’t let the sunlight deceive you…it was FREEZING. The game was IN the mountains as Q got to play at the Air Force Academy. Gooner is drinking my “foffee” as quickly as she could…NOT for the caffiene or sugar….but for the warmth. Of course! I’m smiling because we all know that once I try to stand up I will be a one act comedy show. Also notice the lady sitting by me in the picture:  S.  She is my favorite soccer watching partner and both Q and her future hubby play well together. It also helps that Gooner and her get along very well… 

We took pictures by a HUGE bomber.

We bombed a LOT of the Pacific with this plane.

There were a LOT of Asian tourists who did NOT speak English rushing around smoking and taking pictures. I found this interesting because if I had to guess I would bet that this plane, or one very similar, bombed their home countries. Hmm…moment of irony perhaps? Always an interesting thought…. 

Have you ever visited a museum in France? They look at Normandy QUITE differently than we do and it was hard to see pictures of our history in that light. I was NOT laughing when I saw pictures and read signs displaying the superiority of the French over the Americans SO it surprised me to see others acting differently…like HAPPY to see a plane that single handedly caused MASS DESTRUCTION. I don’t know. Have you ever thought about it or experienced it?

On a happier note, we are experiencing a LOT of snow. It is FABULOUS. We LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

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Iowa Part II: The Amish

Shocks: I’d heard and read about shocks but never seen them IRL! They are most likely oats.

Yep, we were in Amish country.

The barns. The buggies. All those romance books made it seem so romantic!

Until I thought about all the work… I wish I had a clothesline like these ladies!

This is the phone booth kept far away from anything lest you fall into the English ways. It’s used only for emergencies!

Do you see that little buggy led by a pony? Auction time!

The gardens were so impressive! Imagine all we could get done with no internet or TV…

Oh Iowa. This trip feels like so long ago. I’m 18 weeks pregnant and the days and weeks are just flying by! My appetite is supposed to increase, but it hasn’t. I have a craving and then when I get it, it appears yucky. The baby is moving more, and I’m enjoying this life inside me.

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Iowa Pt. 1: The Farm

When my sister and I were young we played at my uncle’s farm in Iowa EVERY YEAR. One thing about the farm…everybody helps out including those who are 2.

Yummmmmmmmmm, fresh sweet corn. Well, it’s yum AFTER it is cooked.

The humidity was like a thousand %, but much fun was had by the cousins. Not really Gooner’s cousins, but my cousin’s kids. So whatever that makes them, to me it just means family.

Gooner was VERY excited about this ridiculous blue plastic fork. For the love… gross…get it out of your mouth! This was the best we could get with all the kids though…

She looks thrilled…right? I mean, all these kids were SO WILD! She did a lot of watching. It was good for her. She’s a good kid. I was proud.

Eating on this vacation was really hard for me. My lack of gall bladder, mixed with morning sickness, mixed with facing unhealthy and fatty food caused this Mama a few days of miserableness. I only gained 3 ounces at my last appt. and that INCLUDES two weeks of vacation. I’m not complaining though, I’m just surprised.

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Road Trip

This is a scheduled post being as Gooner and I are roadtripping to Iowa and then Texas! Can you imagine driving from Iowa to Texas with GOONER? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

If only you could blow bubbles in the car. Or paint. Then we’d be fine. As long as Mom sits in the back and entertains her by sitting in the back seat. And we will probably sing The Wheels on the Bus over, and over, and over.

We are heading to Iowa because one of my cousins recently came back from Afghanistan! It is going to be a family reunion of sorts and for the most part I’m excited. Why only mostly?

  1. Family drama. Whenever you have LOTS of family together there is bound to be drama. It’s hard for 30 people to all agree to do the same thing at the same time. And when this happens over and over I get annoyed. I need to CALM DOWN.
  2. I’ll be traveling for two weeks, pregnant, with a toddler…without Q. Sure, my Mom will help, but I’m Gooner’s Mom SO, WHEN she has a melt down…I’m it.
  3. I’m still sick every day. I’m in week 14. This should haven ended by now….RIGHT?
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Random Edition #5

  1. Gooner LOVED spending time with her Grandparents.
  2. My Dad has the best beard EVER!
  3. I TRIED to get a pic of Gooner and I…self portrait like….and FAIL. She moves too much!
  4. It’s never to early to learn how to sew. My Mom is normally organized, BUT when you have Gooner’s “help” it just ends up trashed anyway.
  5. I love the library but my book is covered in pink goo. And apparently is WAS sticky because part of the page is ripped out. Treat the library book AS YOUR OWN. This means that if you pick your nose DO NOT rub it in the book and then turn the page… This is gross and disgusting
  6. Potty training is a success! It took 5 days thanks to Sassy’s advice. Gooner seems so big now…
  7. I love the Mother Daughter Bond.
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Random: Texas Edition II

  1. Gooner and I are still in Texas. It is a LOT better to visit in February/March than say JULY!
  2. Gooner LOVES the spoiling by her grandparents. They DO make her mind, but she IS getting a lot of attention. She had a melt down in Big Lots today to prove it.
  3. Today I am BACK on the healthy foods band wagon. I already feel so much better.
  4. Potty training outside your home is CRAZY, even though this is Gooner’s second home. I know “it” is working since she had to pee and said,” uhoh.”
  5. I miss Q. He’s wonderful to have around.
  6. I tried my hand at Gluten Free baking and my dessert turned out DELIGHTFUL! Oh my goodness it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo tasty. I made Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting. Coconut Flour smells YUMMY in powdered form.
  7. BBQ flavored salt is REALLY good. That was a Penzey purchase, and I am quite pleased.
  8. My Mom and I have been doing The Shred together and THAT is fun. We’ve also been walking with Leslie Sansone, so this vacation has not consisted solely of Ranger Cookie eating. Do you guys need the recipe? I add Butterscotch Chips for added goodness.
  9. Apparently, due to the timing of this Texas trip, Q and I missed the window for conceiving a baby due on 11/11/11. I bet all the hospitals are going to be full on THAT day!
  10. Link up!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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Texas Edition

Gooner and I are back in Texas visiting the folks. It is lovely and most definitely a vacation for me. I haven’t had to cook yet. I awoke to pancakes and eggs yesterday. Fresh from the oven bran muffins this morning!

We also went to Hobby Lobby in order to spend a 40% off coupon.  Mom used it to buy a piece of doll furniture…you can tell she’s a grandma.  Anyway, while we were trying to look at the small furniture a stock boy was rudely restocking. In our way. And we in his. And I had to move our cart to get out of HIS way at one point. Hello RUDE. I’ve worked at a lot of retail in my day and you ALWAYS come back and finish your assignment once the customers have MOVED ON. We hadn’t and so were forced to make a rush decision. I found this annoying. Maybe he was NEW to restocking?

I’ve eaten enough Ranger Cookie Dough to feel like crap. I do. I don’t feel healthy OR happy about it at all. If I’m supposed to be eating 80/20…I’m eating 40/60.  I do NOT feel good about this, and neither does my stomach. I currently look 3 months pregnant….only I’m not. See, once you have a baby that is IMMEDIATELY where all your extra fat goes…to your middle. Ugh.

I’m going to do better! I’m in Texas for another week and I canNOT continue to eat like this. It isn’t my Mom, don’t worry, I’m a big girl and make my own eating decisions. Other than eating enough cookie dough to wish I could HURL on demand, I’m having a great time. I miss my man though. He’s wonderful though, and not here. Do you ever eat for instant gratification and then immediately wish that you hadn’t?

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Part One: Istanbul Style

After college I decided to leave “home”

and move to Istanbul, Turkey.

I got a job teaching fabulous Turk children:

I enjoyed SOME parts of the culture:

And dyed my hair red.

I dined on wonderful food:

And saw some AMAZING views:

And this was my life in Turkey, in a nut shell. I have so many stories, and so many pictures that OH MY GOODNESS could I blog about! I don’t know, maybe I will take a week and post every day about life there. ANYWAY, after Turkey I moved to Washington, D.C.

Where I met Q.

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