Celiac Sprue

When the chips are down, you find out who your friends/family are. This is the truth. During my third pregnancy, with Dimples, I was incredibly sick. After delivery the sickness (I’m talking about throwing up everything you eat) was GONE, but I began to feel yucky. My stomach was always aching and purchasing antacids became a regular occurrence. My energy levels plummeted, but I thought it was from having three children and a husband who travels. I continued to workout, but it was awful. I truly struggled. I would jog and my muscles would cramp up. They would spasm, my body was betraying me. I began to have quite the belly. I looked pregnant and I hadn’t had a baby in 2 years. My friends would ask me out for ladies night and I was too exhausted to go. My face broke out with small boils. I would scratch my face till it bled, and it felt like ants were crawling under my skin. At one point I visited a dermatologist; she said it was definitely NOT food related. We spent 400$ on products that burned the flesh off my face. I was embarrassed. I counted calories and I worked out daily. I continued to gain 1 to 2 pounds a month. I logged onto myfitnesspal every day for 145 days straight and yet I gained. I would eat 1400 a day or 2000 calories and I’d still gain. It didn’t matter. NOTHING worked. I cried to Q. or my Mom daily. DAILY. I was so sad. Friends didn’t understand, and frankly, neither did we. Once the bumps and boils moved to my scalp, it was time to meet with a nutritionist. Q. and I had long believed I had am allergy to dairy or gluten.

And boom. I have Celiac Disease or Celiac Sprue. Continuing to eat gluten will hurt my small intestines. Consuming it makes me miserable. If I do ,I get bumps that fill with fluid and eventually scab over. Lovely right? And I get super sleepy, grumpy and get an upset stomach.

Now I don’t eat wheat protein, and I feel awesome. Firstly: you should never feel miserable on a regular basis. If you do, get help. Some people know more than you…and that’s ok. And some people don’t, like that dermatologist. Secondly: If your friends don’t understand you and what you are going through, put some space between you. They will either come back to you OR will move on. Build your tribe with people who love and respect you. Thirdly: Other people WILL be offended by your eating choices. It WILL bother people when you turn down anything.

Be you.dscn1395

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Whole30 ???

My diet needs a jump start. Diet as in the way I eat, not like Slim Fast.

This time last year I was pregnant. Looking good during the summer was not even a thought! Well, the other day I pulled out my capris. Capris that SHOULD fit…but don’t. Enter Whole30. I’ve had around ten friends do this nightmare body reset and ALL of them lost between 15-20 pounds. And it helped jumpstart them on a healthy lifestyle.

Hmmmmmmmm. No grains. No beans. No dairy. No sugar. Holy yuck. Looks like vegetables, meat, cheese and eggs to me! Nuts? This sounds awful. It sounds difficult. challenging. I don’t even know.

Any thoughts? It is ONLY for 30 days. This isn’t meant as forever, but it is to curb cravings and addictions. Advice?DSCN0989 We found an outhouse on one of our hikes. Dids and I pretended to “go” and you can tell by her face that she was thrilled. Just keeping it classy folks! She was ecstatic to pseudo squat over a huge abandoned hole. I’m just glad the bees weren’t out. There are some places bees shouldn’t sting!

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1st Run Post Baby

Have mercy.

The first run after ANY trauma is brutal.

The neighbor (lets call her Candy) and I met in the dark of morning at 5. FIVE. Poor Candy, it was our first run together and my first run in 11 months.

First runs as “buddies” are a lot like first dates. Is she saying she runs a 10 minute mile while secretly runs a 7 minute mile…while pregnant…with the stomach flu? Is she wondering if I’ve ever run at all? Is she even going to show up at 5? Am I? And then… we finished the jog, is she ever going to run with me again. Do I text first or wait for her…? See where this is going?

First off, my muscles forgot how to run. We started and I was all over the place. My shirt was coming up, my shoes fit strangely -as things often do once you have a bebe- and I couldn’t breathe. Like right off the  bat I was gasping for air. What happened to my lung capacity? What happened to my body? Why are my knees hurting? What is with all the hills? And stinging nettles?

Part of the pain is physical. I just had a baby. I’m overweight. I was JUST cleared to work out. I’m in high altitude. I’m no longer 18.

Part of it is mental. I USED to be able to run fast. I USED to be able to run for miles. I USED to run easily. For fun. I used to weigh a lot less. I used to fit in my running skorts! When you think about where you’ve been as opposed to where you are now, it can be discouraging.

Back to the run. By mile .35 miles my left calf was burning. Just great. And then it sorta stopped working. The perpetual almost cramp that causes you to run with a funny tilt and praying it doesn’t become a full blown cramp. And while your new running buddy, or possible running buddy stares at you strangely, you hope you don’t fall. Like this is a serious concern.

But, I made it. And it wasn’t pretty. I was a sweaty mess. I ran upstairs thinking Q was in the shower, but he was sleeping, I’d only heard the lawn sprinklers coming on. Sad. I headed back down the stairs only to have my calf finally seize and cramp causing me to catapult down the stairs. Awesome.

Between the jog and the stairs – I’m nothing if not graceful.

Honestly, I’m just glad it is over and that I’m not pregnant anymore. I’d much rather workout and have a beautiful baby than pregnant with a valid excuse.



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2012 Recap and Thoughts

Happy 2013.

I’ve missed blogging to be honest. I threw around the idea of just stopping. My writing was sporadic at best and I was lacking inspiration. Many things contributed to my period of silence. First, Sooner entered our family. Someone once told me that two is a harder adjustment than one or three. As awesome as Sooner is – our family dynamic completely changed. I found myself struggling to find myself. Secondly Q’s job changed. For the past # of years we have been immersed in politics. We lived and breathed politics and then suddenly we didn’t. We were THRILLED with the change. It is infinitely better, but none the less it was a change. Another change for the girls. Another change for this Mama. And this Mama doesn’t handle change all that well. I THEN started cooking crappy foods that to me were more along the lines of comfort instead of healthy. Which leads me directly to working out. I found scheduling a workout with TWO VERY difficult. So, I just stopped for awhile…I was tired of failing. Which is SO not like me. I’ve been going to the gym once or twice a week BUT that is not enough to offset comfort food eating. Which is weird to me. Food doesn’t listen OR talk back…but perhaps this is why I chose it. ? THEN I would find something that works, get on track only to find myself derailed by SOMETHING. Anything. It is true, these are the petrie dish years. Cute Petrie dishes though. And again, someone once told me when I was pregnant with #2 they would pass sickness back and forth, until FINALLY the plague leaves.

And at the end of the day I didn’t feel so much like writing. It isn’t very inspirational to read about struggles… Or is it? I don’t know. I do miss writing about the crazy things that happen in life. The stupid things people say. The hilarity of life with two little ones.

I also take more pictures when I blog. 2013 is bound to be FULL of adventure. We’ve already broken our windshield on the Jeep. Twice. And plenty of chips repaired. The repairmen and I are almost on a first name basis, thanks to our warranty coupled with our adventurous spirits.

I began participating in Aqua Zumba again and have plans to run the Warrior Dash.

I also hit up the Semi-Annual sale at B&B Works…only to find myself with a shower gel smelling of none other than Vanillatini. Welllllllllll, smelling like a vanilla bean doused with stinky liquor while trying to get clean isn’t my IDEAL get clean smell. It will have to do. I’m not about to throw away a steal…some things never change.

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Summer Time =

green smoothies.

We bought a Vita-Mix and it has changed our lives. MOST of our lives. As you can see from above Sooner is still on a Mommy’s milk diet, and some sweet potatoes. She LOVES sweet potatoes and I LOVE making baby food with the V Mix. It takes like five seconds. Part of my stay at home gig is the awesomeness that includes home made babyfood. yum.

We’ve replaced breakfast with juicing. Juicing is amazing, but there is an adjustment period at first… I literally pooped 20 times the first two days and Gooner spit up A LOT. Toxins are to blame. But they are out now AND we are both the better for it.

I don’t know how it will be juicing in the Fall. In the past we normally drink less smoothies in the cooler months because we prefer hot oats. BUT we love how the smoothies are making us feel, how much energy we have, and much flatter my stomach IS when I drink smoothies instead of coffee..
For the record: I’m ready for Fall.

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Gym Rat

It’s no secret that I LOVE going to the gym. For the LONGEST time I didn’t get why other people didn’t.

And then I had a kid. And then another. By now I realize that my body holds onto fat for what feels like forever. My body stupidly thinks that I could starve it at any moment and therefore holds onto every possible morsel of fat so that I can feed my baby. You know, just in case… With Gooner I wore my fat pants for forever…and then one day I didn’t. Awesome. BUT, even if I can’t fit into all my fab spring gear I’m not throwing in the towel. I’m going to continue to work out and that means going to the gym…over weight.

Not a big deal right? I mean I had a baby 4 months ago. But you see NO ONE AT THE GYM KNOWS THAT!!!! My chest is abnormally big because I’m lactating and my hips are wide from childbirth and I have a foopah because hello ONE year of pregnancy. Oh yes, because I had a miscarriage and then became pregnant right away I was pregnant from March of 2011 to February 2012. My body went through A LOT! I wish I didn’t have to start AGAIN from where I’m at, but I am.

CLEARLY they are worth it. BUT that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting when I get LOOKS. Especially in the free weight area. Some of the looks men people give me are EVIL. As if I’m not worth the space I’m taking up. Whatev, this is a pic of half of me after Gooner… DUDE, I won’t look like this forever.

I just wish I could wear apparel that says CUT ME SOME SLACK I’M SINGLE HANDEDLY FEEDING A HUMAN. Yah, it’s ALL ME folks and my body knows it. And so it’s going to hold onto the fat for quite some time. Prob a few more months, like all through the summer. THIS means we either feed our kid formula OR I suck it up and look overweight and soft until she eats more solids instead of me.

All this to say, I understand why some folks don’t like to go to the gym. You DO get stared at. Bratty twig girls DO roll their eyes and men WILL try to push you out of their space. BUT BUT BUT, you don’t want to be overweight forever. At least I don’t. SO, it’s worth it. Forget about them. Imagine they don’t exist.

As for me, I will continue to feed my kid my milk until she bites me. That’s my rule.

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Body Gospel by Beach Body

Have you heard of Body Gospel? It’s like RIP MY EYES OUT annoying. I thought that since I LOVE Turbo Fire I would automatically LOVE Body Gospel. I started this workout about 3 weeks after having Sooner. I only worked out IF I felt fabulous; if I didn’t, I would do a Leslie Sansone walking video, or sit the day out. I thought Body Gospel would be GREAT since I’d birthed a baby and would therefore need something challenging yet easy.

First off, the music is bad. REALLY bad. I actually LIKE praise music. I can totally get a good run in while listening to David Crowder and Delirious? I come home feeling invigorated and awesome. But the music in Body Gospel is straight up OLD SCHOOL gospel. Um, really? And the instructor uses phrases like, “Spiritual Guns and Blessed Buns.” And exercises like “infinity arms” and the “David Cha cha”. Because we ALL know that David did the cha cha for the Lord.

Secondly there are some crazy moves, and not in a fun challenging way. No, it’s in a super annoying in the do-I-really-have-to-do-this kind of way. I have good knees. I have no problems running, kick boxing, Turbo Fire, Step, Aqua Zumba 😉  Body Gospel includes long legged jumps while moving up and back that make me say OUCH!

One of the workouts is 10 minutes 45 second long. TOTAL. You do this at least twice a week. The workout is called “Stretch in the Spirit.” How am I supposed to lose weight in ten minutes? Yah….not me.

I’m on Day 19 of 30 days. I want to finish. I HATE NOT finishing. Yet at the same time I am dreading working out. So, your opinion please!

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Week 2: Weighty Tuesday

I’m overweight. I KNOW I just had a baby…you don’t need to remind me. It’s NORMAL to have a jelly belly after your belly has been stretched HUGE and you have LARGE ta ta’s if you are breast feeding…which I am. I lost an initial 22 pounds and then did NOT pay attention and gained 5 pounds in a couple weeks. Who knows what happened, I was 3 weeks post baby and the body does crazy things after it has created a human. I didn’t sweat it. I lost a couple pounds. And THEN I remained the same. I don’t see this as a BAD thing because I honestly needed to know where I was.

I’m working out at a moderate level for 30 minutes 6 days a week.  My 6 week appointment is next week and THEN I will kick my workout program it into a higher gear. I feel great, but I don’t want to go CRAZY until the midwife says I can.

ANYWAY, I just had a baby and, based on my BMI, I sit pleasantly in the overweight category. Um, gross feeling! My body has changed AGAIN with baby number 2 AND these extra pounds are kinda yucky. Ok, not kinda, but definitely. I RESPECT what my body went through, but I REFUSE to sit idly by and see MORE pounds creep on or become complacent and buy clothes to fit my widened body.

That being said I am going to share with you – on Tuesdays – how I did. I LOVE fitness, but it is a lot harder to enjoy it when you are over weight and JUST had a baby. I’m not here to tell you what to do but to encourage you wherever you are in your journey. I DO believe you are what you eat. If you eat crap you will look and feel like crap. True story.

Childbirth is worth it, but boy it takes a toll on your body!

So that being said, I lost 2 pounds this week. How are YOU doing in your healthy lifestyle???

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I Miss…

working out. (If you thought I was going to say BEING PREGNANT then you don’t know me very well.) I know, I know, ENJOY my baby… And I am. I’m not talking about working out to get my body back, but because I like it SO MUCH. Working out is a huge stress release and I miss it. And today was the first day I could fit it in…you know with two kids and all. We are still working on a schedule over here. The sleep schedule is pretty awesome. We are blessed with a good sleeper…again.

But back to working out…even Gooner misses it. So today we did a Beginners Beginner workout. Er almost two weeks post baby day. BUT, I took it easy. I did some planks and an arm workout. I followed with a  3 mile walk and I don’t think it was too much as I feel great.

CLEARLY I lost my workout buddy.

I love having a sister and so does Gooner. Oh, and we love the colour pink.

Also, Gooner had a NASTY chest/mucus/fever cold while we were “getting” Sooner. The day after we got home I got it. And now Sooner has it. There is NOTHING more pitiful than a week and a half old infant hacking and coughing. Her airways are SO SMALL and as this can be dangerous we have an apt. with the Dr. tomorrow. She has my immunities since I am breast feeding, but you can only take being hacked on for so long before you just HAVE to get sick.

The birth story is all typed up and ready for Q to edit. 🙂 SO, check back later this week to learn ALL about it.

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Yesterday I spent some time with friends. It was GREATLY needed. I didn’t realize I needed it. At all.

Q and I chose 2012 as the year to “lower our expectations.” We realized that as individuals AND as a couple that we have super high expectations. When we place expectations on others, and things don’t go according to plan, life in turn becomes stressful.

I was sobbing in bed a couple days ago telling Q how overwhelmed I felt. “with what?” Well, with everything. I’ve had a short temper with Gooner, I feel so yucky that I can’t be there for my friends, the house isn’t perfect when he gets home from work, I had to skip a workout day because of contractions, I haven’t cleaned the fish tank etc…

Q THEN reminded me that honestly these are ALL expectations I have placed on myself. He reminded me that he doesn’t expect a perfect house and that he can pick up toys in 1/4 of the time as me because he doesn’t have a baby in his belly, that my friends love me for me and just want to be with me one last time before the baby comes, and that they won’t notice the house, that it’s ok to skip a workout when you’ve been having contractions for half the day and you physically can’t do it, and that he’d rather have a safe healthy baby than a live fish, and the fish won’t die from a little algea anyway.

Moral to the story…not a single person puts expectations on me. It was me. WHICH is largely due to hormones. Truth friends? I’m slowing down, like waaaaaaaaaay down.  Don’t worry, I will still work out…duh! But that is more for my sanity than the size of my butt.

Speaking of expectations, I have a question for YOU. Do you like guest posts? I was thinking that I might ask some folks to guest post while our small family becomes acquainted with Sooner and I, you know, HEAL. Oh, and learn life with TWO children. Would you be interested in the idea? Let me know; otherwise this blog MIGHT get sparse and silent for awhile…

Bon weekend!


*ALSO if you use blogger I most likely can’t comment. Word verification is ALWAYS wrong, and my credentials can’t be verified. So I am reading your blogs but um, TRYING to comment and it not working. Sorry!*

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