Modus Operendi

Q and I are truly interested in fitness and nutrition. We want to leave a legacy for our children. Since meeting each other, we’ve slowly been making changes. And the changes have been good, but not enough of them have been made. Below are ACTIVE changes we are making in our lives in order to improve our health:

  • Informed decisions
  • Minimal red meat
  • More free-range fowl
  • Fresh water fish
  • Minimal processed foods
  • More fruits, veggies and nuts
  • Healthy grains
  • High alkaline foods
  • Alkaline water
  • Less dairy products
  • Normal portions
  • Quarterly detoxification of the body
  • Natural and holistic remedies
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One thought on “Modus Operendi

  1. I can’t believe someone else out there has even HEARD of alkaline water! So excited to read more of your blog!

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