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“I have cancer,” she said.

Friendship is different as an adult. I don’t want to spend my one free evening a week drinking vino with someone other than a GOOD friend. I don’t want to give up time with my man. I don’t want to give up time with my kids. Right now I have little ones. Right now I live in a bubble. A bubble that includes breast-feeding and zero pedicures. When I drink wine, it isn’t after hours of doing my hair with perfect lipstick. No, when I drink wine I’m staring through a glass marked with water stains because I forgot to buy rinse for the dishwasher, at my husband, thankful he loves me just the way I am. I’m thankful I made it through another day of vomit, sticky fingers, runny noses, constant hunger and little girl fighting. My evenings are not spent with girlfriends – getting away from the fray. No, my nights and weekends are spent snuggling little girls, reading bedtime stories, fitting in a shower,  princess teas, magical games, braided hair, warm hugs, many kisses, toothless smiles, baby milestones, first words, first READ words, sisterly hugs, dance parties, barbie, and full bellies. I love my family. They are my priority.

I don’t have to be friends with everyone. Nor do I want to. So when Gooner started school I was wary. I didn’t gush on everyone. I didn’t join in on “mothers craft night.” Who even thinks of such a thing? But I did see another mother, if given the right circumstances, thought we could be friends. But we never pursued past drop off and pick up. In fact, I didn’t even know her name.

Until one day in October I saw her in the parking lot. We’d already dropped the girls off and we were both walking back to our vehicles. She looked different. Like maybe something was bothering her. And so I asked her how she was doing. Like Mom to Mom, “are you ok?”

“I have cancer,” she said. And then we hugged. She stared past me at the mountains. Two moms in the school parking lot. Fall leaves whipping about. A shared burden. The realization that life is finite. That you aren’t always in control, if ever.

And so our friendship began. Three little words. The very next day she’d been to the doctor and we had more to talk about. She would be having a double mastectomy. We talked about the angel wing scar.

The day of her surgery I felt weepy. Friends for a moment, but a life time of hurt.

And now she’s cancer free. She’s recovering. I’ll see her for the first time since she went in. Babies make everyone feel better right?DSCN0586

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Things Moms and Other Stupid People Say

6. African American Woman: “Did you know that by putting your daughters hair in pig tails you will stunt her hair growth? You need to just let it go wild. Just put in some gel and let her have an afro.” – Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. WELL, maybe if I put up her hair EVERY SINGLE DAY or NEVER took the pig tails  out, but I don’t. But thanks for telling me all about it.

7. One Month Post Baby “I know a woman who is 9 months pregnant and her belly is smaller than yours is right now.” Um, thanks? Why on earth would you tell a woman who JUST GAVE BIRTH – 4 WEEKS AGO – that her belly, to you, looks BIGGER than a woman 9 MONTHS pregnant? Do people not understand that I’m too small for my maternity clothing, yet my body has changed shape and it WILL TAKE TIME to change to a pre baby shape?

8. “3 girls? Oh, bummer huh. Well, at least this saves you from all things ‘penis.’ But you have girls so you don’t even know.” Thank you stranger at the park for your kind words. It would appear I shouldn’t have had a boy OR a girl.

9. Ever heard of Royal Crest Dairy? Yah, well a representative was at our door talking to Q. trying to convince us to order their clearly superior dairy products while our then 2 week old infant was with me in the kitchen. Of course baby 3, er Sissy, let out a loud wail. And then I heard this, “Oh, your wife had a baby? Did you know that drinking whole milk will actually HELP her lose the weight?” Did she just tell Q his wife needed to lose weight? The woman realized her error and began trying to dig herself out of the MASSIVE hole she’d dug herself…but it was pointless. The damage was done.

10. “Oh, you had a boy.”  DSCN0309Clearly.

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The TuTu Brigade

The 3rd Edition arrived and wore, OF COURSE, her first Arsenal jersey.DSCN0265

The labor was fast and furious. In fact, The Third Addition arrived so quickly that Q delivered her in our bathroom while midwives were en route. She is the smallest of all our babes.

I’d love to tell you that her entrance into our family was seamless BUT, it was a hard week. On the day of her birth, Sooner came down with a fever and became a hacking mucus making machine. Two days later, Gooner had a fever and joined a hacking Sooner. And then I got it. Oh have mercy…I JUST had a baby!!! The beginning of breast feeding is RARELY easy. Sure, it is AHMAZING, but um it is painful. And with THREE little girls that needed me, while sick myself, I felt weary and exhausted.

I am so thankful to everyone who brought us meals! Life savers I tell ya! My voice FINALLY returned and I feel like a Mom again. The 3rd Edition is also showing glimpses of her own special and unique personality. And SHE is perfect for our family. This Daddy LOVES his girls!DSCN0319


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Let the Love Inside You Show!


So, we don’t know the gender of this baby. We have our suspicions since we make girls.  If it is a girl we will be thrilled. If it is a girl we have all the clothing already. If it is a girl we already have a name and SISTERS, and a continuation of my girls. Other people ask if we will keep trying for a boy, as if THAT is why we decided to have this baby in the first place. As if you have to have both to be happy or complete or…be a real mother. GASP. Yup, I’ve had this said to me.

Stereotype based on Mommy’s I’ve met at the park, play dates, church and LIFE… If you only have boys you are a Mom of boys. If you only have girls you are a Mom waiting to have a boy. This is how I feel and I feel annoyed.

Stranger at Target yesterday. “You don’t know the gender? I hope it is a boy. If it is a girl, at least healthy!”

Old Lady. “It is probably a girl. That is probably for the best since girls are easier than boys.”

Friend. “I hope you have a boy so that you understand parenting.”

I could do a whole post devoted to ridiculous quotes by well meaning people. But, rest assured I am a good Mom to two beautiful tutu wearing,


soccer playing…







Team Pink or Team Blue this baby will fit into OUR lives. If YOU disagree on the gender God has given us, you should probably save yourself and stop talking.


Dear Baby,

This family loves you so much and can’t wait to meet you.


Mommy, Daddy and Your Big Sisters!


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And just like that…

we are done breast feeding.

It is something I have both dreaded and longed for.

But she decided she was done. At 9.5 months…done!

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Baby Wearing



is handsome.

Gooner came home from the gym telling me, “I’m black. The naughty boy told me I’m black.” She held her arm up to mine, frowned and said “hmmmmmm.” THEN she walked off and played with her toys. She is 3 1/2 years old. For some reason I thought I wouldn’t deal with this until later. I’ve been telling her for years that we ARE different and that it is a wonderful thing. And me… I make one good lookin’ Cowboy:

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Ready for…


No, but she thinks she is!

Sooner wanted it badly, and Gooner gloated that she already had some!

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and baby fat. Love it.

Love her.

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Enjoying the…


Sweet child of mine.

Sister came to help out.
Please note the pursed lips.

Thanks for helping Gooner! Check out Sooner’s hair!

The hair on top is making up for the baldness in the back…

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Month 5

Since we are at month 6, I better post her Month 5 pic!

She is so cute!

I couldn’t just choose one!!!

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