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Un′a·pol′o·get′i·cal·ly Me.

I’ve slowly been morphing into who I have become. Husband. Marriage. Children. Experiences. So much has happened. To make me, well, me. And yet, I’m still me.

I still say what I want to say, when I want to say it. I STILL have opinions about everything, and have no problems communicating them.

For a time motherhood swallowed me up. For six years I was pregnant, breast feeding or attempting to persuade a young mind that going to the bathroom IN the toilet was better than peeing RIGHT where you are standing.

My friendships were forced. I was friends with women in similar walks of life. It was DAYS of diapers, breast milk and what to throw together for supper. You bond over lack of sleep and an in-ablity to finish a complete load of laundry. Go out on a date? I was lucky to make it through an hour of “Revenge.”

Buuuut, the Littlest turns three

this month and Q and I are celebrating 9 years of marriage. And guess what? We made it out of the trenches. Those terrible years of people nodding in understanding, rubbing your back, telling you “YOU WILL MAKE IT,” but offering no help. Of the church asking you to serve, and with a tear rolling down your face you turn to your husband and whisper, “but I have nothing left to give.”DSCN1606

Instead I am left with time. I have more time. People said I wouldn’t. People said it would get worse. It being “parenting” of course. And in some ways it does; I have a new parenting book from the library. With Gooner turning 8, I’m in for a world of advice.

My brain also has begun working again. I have thoughts. Original thoughts. Rebuttals. I’ve started caring less about what other people think. For some reason I actually LISTENED when people judged me on parenting. I was vulnerable. I drowned my sorrows with food and reality TV.  I remember going to a Christmas party and being completely ignored by a woman only to have her tell me days later, “If I’d known you were Q’s wife I’d have introduced myself!” Nothing deflates self worth quite like a woman introducing herself on the merits of your husband. At a different party we did a “speed dating” game wheren’ a stranger introduced herself by saying, “My husband is a client of your husbands.” And let me tell you, Q. is amazing. He’s wonderful, successful and kind.

All this to say I’ve been getting the itch to write. To tell the tales of…life. Of the silly/dumb things people say. Why? Because I like to write! …even if only my Mom reads this. This blog has always been an amazing outlet. A place to chronicle my life. Get feedback. Complain. It will continue. I have never striven to be perfect. I won’t have a blog of perfection. I’m not a perfect wife, parent or friend. I hate this pressure to be perfect, and to have the perfect body that I feel at times. Most times.

Plus I take more pictures when I’m going to blog about it. I KNOW my Mom would like that. I used to take pictures like this because I ate green things and loved it. And blogging kept me accountable to working out and eating healthy. And it was my space; I miss it.IMG_6736

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Hello, Winter.

Storm. After storm. After Blizzard. I love this! Oh, Colorado. I LOVE putting on my boots and heading outside with the girls. I saw the snow out the window and just wanted to swan dive into the powder. I could see myself sailing down the mountain on a pair of freshly waxed skis. Although Q says boarding is better. Who knows… ?


18 Inches of Snow

Since we have littles I spend the day drinking coffee and snuggled in a fluffy blanket. My Mom made this for the 3rd Edition BUT, seriously? She doesn’t appreciate it like I do. And do you like my manicure? Yah… I still have a girl in diapers. I mean, having long nails would mean poop stuck up in there. Gross.


Coffee and Fluffy

This is my little baker. She LOVES to help. I love her helping…for the most part. It takes 30 times as long BUT it tastes 100 times sweeter! Her favorite part is eating the flour. The FLOUR. Ew.  And she will be 4 soon.IMG_20151120_144917Happy Thanksgiving! I have SO MUCH to be thankful for! And so do YOU!

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Bu-Bye Summer!!! – In Photos

DSCN0520 DSCN0511 DSCN0513 DSCN0497 DSCN0527 DSCN0496

PS. I met a million neighbors at the pool. Like all of them. If you feel lonely – have children or get a dog. Boom. Conversation starter!

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Things Moms and Other Stupid People Say

6. African American Woman: “Did you know that by putting your daughters hair in pig tails you will stunt her hair growth? You need to just let it go wild. Just put in some gel and let her have an afro.” – Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. WELL, maybe if I put up her hair EVERY SINGLE DAY or NEVER took the pig tails  out, but I don’t. But thanks for telling me all about it.

7. One Month Post Baby “I know a woman who is 9 months pregnant and her belly is smaller than yours is right now.” Um, thanks? Why on earth would you tell a woman who JUST GAVE BIRTH – 4 WEEKS AGO – that her belly, to you, looks BIGGER than a woman 9 MONTHS pregnant? Do people not understand that I’m too small for my maternity clothing, yet my body has changed shape and it WILL TAKE TIME to change to a pre baby shape?

8. “3 girls? Oh, bummer huh. Well, at least this saves you from all things ‘penis.’ But you have girls so you don’t even know.” Thank you stranger at the park for your kind words. It would appear I shouldn’t have had a boy OR a girl.

9. Ever heard of Royal Crest Dairy? Yah, well a representative was at our door talking to Q. trying to convince us to order their clearly superior dairy products while our then 2 week old infant was with me in the kitchen. Of course baby 3, er Sissy, let out a loud wail. And then I heard this, “Oh, your wife had a baby? Did you know that drinking whole milk will actually HELP her lose the weight?” Did she just tell Q his wife needed to lose weight? The woman realized her error and began trying to dig herself out of the MASSIVE hole she’d dug herself…but it was pointless. The damage was done.

10. “Oh, you had a boy.”  DSCN0309Clearly.

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The TuTu Brigade

The 3rd Edition arrived and wore, OF COURSE, her first Arsenal jersey.DSCN0265

The labor was fast and furious. In fact, The Third Addition arrived so quickly that Q delivered her in our bathroom while midwives were en route. She is the smallest of all our babes.

I’d love to tell you that her entrance into our family was seamless BUT, it was a hard week. On the day of her birth, Sooner came down with a fever and became a hacking mucus making machine. Two days later, Gooner had a fever and joined a hacking Sooner. And then I got it. Oh have mercy…I JUST had a baby!!! The beginning of breast feeding is RARELY easy. Sure, it is AHMAZING, but um it is painful. And with THREE little girls that needed me, while sick myself, I felt weary and exhausted.

I am so thankful to everyone who brought us meals! Life savers I tell ya! My voice FINALLY returned and I feel like a Mom again. The 3rd Edition is also showing glimpses of her own special and unique personality. And SHE is perfect for our family. This Daddy LOVES his girls!DSCN0319


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Random Edition: 701: Topic “Frozen”

It. Is. Monday. And I feel like this.


*And I should be folding laundry.

* I’m a Mom of littles, which means I don’t go to the bathroom by myself. Ever. I don’t even try anymore. Gooner  (Elsa) doesn’t care, she’s almost 5 and potty is just gross. Sooner (Anna) freaks out if she’s not near me every second of every day. Cue, “do you want to build a snowman?” Any time a door is closed you will hear three raps followed by the snowman song. I am a day away from 37 weeks pregnant…I am in the bathroom a LOT. My favorite part of the song is, “ok, bye.”

*Today on this lovely Monday Gooner decided NOT to respond to her name. She is Elsa. And she’s stamping her feet NOT out of defiance, but to turn the wood floor into ice. It had NOTHING to do with the hitting of the sister and being told to stop and put her laundry away.

*Gooner has had a braid for 4 weeks straight. I would like to thank Disney for choosing such an easy hair-do.

*”Why does Hans want Elsa AND Anna to die? What is death?” Once again, thanks Disney.

*We had a play date last week and the 5 year old boy told Gooner she had a china. That boys don’t have them. Gooner just shook her head at me, lifted up my plate from the dishwasher and told me, “Mooooom, THIS is China!” Dodged that bullet….for now. So happy Monday!


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Let the Love Inside You Show!


So, we don’t know the gender of this baby. We have our suspicions since we make girls.  If it is a girl we will be thrilled. If it is a girl we have all the clothing already. If it is a girl we already have a name and SISTERS, and a continuation of my girls. Other people ask if we will keep trying for a boy, as if THAT is why we decided to have this baby in the first place. As if you have to have both to be happy or complete or…be a real mother. GASP. Yup, I’ve had this said to me.

Stereotype based on Mommy’s I’ve met at the park, play dates, church and LIFE… If you only have boys you are a Mom of boys. If you only have girls you are a Mom waiting to have a boy. This is how I feel and I feel annoyed.

Stranger at Target yesterday. “You don’t know the gender? I hope it is a boy. If it is a girl, at least healthy!”

Old Lady. “It is probably a girl. That is probably for the best since girls are easier than boys.”

Friend. “I hope you have a boy so that you understand parenting.”

I could do a whole post devoted to ridiculous quotes by well meaning people. But, rest assured I am a good Mom to two beautiful tutu wearing,


soccer playing…







Team Pink or Team Blue this baby will fit into OUR lives. If YOU disagree on the gender God has given us, you should probably save yourself and stop talking.


Dear Baby,

This family loves you so much and can’t wait to meet you.


Mommy, Daddy and Your Big Sisters!


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And We’re Back…Jack!

Life is about

Pulling your big sisters hair while she’s sleeping…


And laughing about it.   IMG_8743

Eating mango by the creek after a long hike…


And playing soccer with Dad.


Riding in your first parade.IMG_8697

being grumpy…


And sidewalk chalk.


Just in time for Duck Dynasty.

Did you miss us? I missed it/you!

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All Sorts of Wonderful

This morning I found dishwasher detergent as well as my mascara under the table.  And don’t forget the dry noodles, a plastic egg, a blanket and a dry wipey. Gooner is ALL about royalty right now. She gives royal proclamations daily, hourly, all the time. Her castle is the the kitchen table, and she lives underneath it. Yesterday my glass was on the tablecloth; suddenly, Gooner’s castle wall came crashing down flinging water EVERYWHERE. I didn’t have the heart to get angry, pretending to be a Princess is MUCH better than terrorizing her sister who is still not crawling.

About that…. she isn’t yet. Crawling that is. She wants to, badly. Yesterday she wanted to be in her sister’s castle so badly that she actually army crawled her way there. I was so proud and then I immediately scoured the house for Barbie shoes and marbles. Oh and Polly Pocket…who invented this stuff? I rip Polly Pocket’s head off and yank rubber clothing off regularly and when I can’t take it anymore I leave Polly in her swimsuit and give Gooner a bowl of water. Awesome. Thankfully Polly’s toxic hair must taste nasty because Sooner only had to try it once to realize this choking hazard wasn’t worth it.

Our English neighbors invited us to tea after lunch. I thought this meant anywhere from 1 -3. Right? Wrong. Q explained to me, from the shower, that we were invited to High Tea. Or tea at five o’clock. WITH our children.  It was a riot. We were introduced to all sorts of yummy, and not so yummy, sweets and biscuits. And of course NEITHER of our girls like sugar, which is a complete mystery to most folks and was to them as well. Thankfully they weren’t offended when we told them that Gooner would not drink tea with milk or sugar in it, or eat a biscuit. Sadly, the hostess told me to tell her what I liked and didn’t like and I took her at her word. I think I hurt her feelings when I told her I didn’t like a sweet and spicy puff pastry thing.  Not only did it taste bad BUT it felt grainy and gross in my mouth. Gooner ate Strawberries and Q swished his tea pretending to drink it – and failing. After offering to reheat the tea, add more milk, add more spice, add more sugar, add more of ANYTHING to get him to drink it…they gave up. Wise move neighbor. Q doesn’t drink tea or coffee.

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Things Mom Say #1-5

“Your daughter isn’t crawling because you hold her too much.” – Um, have we met before? Have you ever seen me rear, parent, mother, encourage, discipline my children? What is your name again? Oh, we’ve never met?

“Your baby is 11 months? You should probably say she is 9 months since she is so little.” – Once again, thank you stranger. I will happily lie about my child’s age henceforth. Maybe it is because I stopped breast feeding her at 10 months. 😉

“Would it be weird if I grabbed your baby and tickled her feet?” -Yes. When you use the word grab and then commence to talk about my children, YES, it is weird. Perhaps next time say, she has cute feet.

“Hi, nice to meet you. I’m assuming their Dad is black?” – Um, yes…. Is your Dad white? I mean…with the white skin and all…

“Sometimes you just need a teddy bear huh?” – This one was actually funny since I WAS in fact clutching Gooner’s teddybear in my arms…while out and about. I’d forgotten that Gooner had handed him to me…

*THINK before you speak.*

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