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World Cup Fever

…is real over here! Q believes in indoctrinating the girls with soccer early on in their rearing.  And, as you can tell, Q already has his game face on… This is the face I imagine when I envision our girls bringing home potential mates… Good luck boys because this man loves to lift weights, but he LOVES his girls MORE!


I think she’s pretty. And she’s SO intent on the game. And with that hair, she fits right in!


I love her. If she could have, she would have been biting her nails when the  Chile and Brazil game came to PK’s!!!


I started an account on MyFitnessPal. Holey Moley! Um, surprise, I’m eating too much! Gaining control of portions will definitely lead to successful weight loss. Pregnancy is not my friend and I was sick every day, after every meal, so I got used to eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. (This happened with Sooner as well.) Bad news – once you stop throwing up all the calories you consume suddenly count. The good news is that I stopped getting sick.

Now that the dust has settled on this tiny person joining our family, it is time to find my new normal.

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Baby Wearing



is handsome.

Gooner came home from the gym telling me, “I’m black. The naughty boy told me I’m black.” She held her arm up to mine, frowned and said “hmmmmmm.” THEN she walked off and played with her toys. She is 3 1/2 years old. For some reason I thought I wouldn’t deal with this until later. I’ve been telling her for years that we ARE different and that it is a wonderful thing. And me… I make one good lookin’ Cowboy:

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Guilty as Charged

Remember the bulk bins? Remember how I always…er, never judge? Yah, about that.

I heard a sound behind me while shopping. It was Gooner. She had BOTH hands pushed deeply in a $6.99 a pound pastel coloured “Jordan Almonds” bulk bin. Ew gross! Know what? I KNOW where her little hands have been. She still gets reminded to wash her hands after she goes potty. And sometimes she likes to be frugal and only use one square of toilet paper. This is because she unrolled a whole roll once and for a consequence, she couldn’t drink smoothie for the entire day. She thought her life was over. She has NEVER done it since…we don’t mess with smoothies around here. BUT, the point is…I do my best but her hands…. We call germs immunity builder uppers and don’t freak out about it. But someone buying almonds covered in yummy chocolate for $6.99 a pound might!

I THEN did what ANY awesome parent would do and threaten that if she EVER did that again she wouldn’t get her “treat” at the end. Her treat is a 15 cent sucker that the employees always giver her for free because “she’s so cute.” It drives me batty since she has to be GOOD in order to get one, unless the employees get to her first. The only difference here is that my kid is 3.5 years and Bulk Bin Lady was at least 70.

Sooner is GOLDEN… as long as she has a biter biscuit. She doesn’t crawl. She doesn’t scoot. And she doesn’t have any teeth.

She is SO content. Her secret thrill:

Hair Pulling. MAYBE not so secret… We are ALL victims.

Chipotle picnic in a mountain town! Q is multitasking here…feeding himself, protecting Gooner from bugs, and feeding Sooner. He is awesome and brilliant!

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Have Mercy!

It’s been awhile! We’ve been up to many an adventure!

*Explaining to those that don’t even crawl yet that this is a SOCCER family. That we kick balls and don’t throw them.


*We took the doors off the Jeep er -Arsenal Mobile- and went off roading.

*Hiked up to a beautiful lake for Labor Day, North of Estes Park.

*Took a road trip to Nebraska for a wedding. We had LOADS of fun with friends and family. Gooner realized a wig with multi-colored curls is better than her own…

* Gooner grew up….again.

*Sooner learned that this is a running family: she has to either endure or love it if you want to go to the park afterwards.

* More hiking…surprised?

* Q started traveling more with his job so time together is SUPER special…

*And I tried my hand at door swag.

*This post is not about pumpkin spice OR politics. Shocker.






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Fall is coming… And dog poop talk

So time for SOCCER!

Is your family the more a football or soccer family? Oh, and Gooner stepped in dog poop while playing soccer. Dog poop. Ew. And she thought so too. And then she accused the next woman walking her dog that it was HER dog’s poop that she stepped in. It wasn’t. The poop was old and crusty. She informed the woman that she should pick up her dogs poop. The woman started discussing poop etiquette with three year old Gooner. Hilarious. Gooner…confrontational? Um, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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Denver Color Run 2012



Somebody needed to eat RIGHT after the finish:

And Daddy burped Sooner:

We will totally do it again!

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Happy Anniversary: Year 4 of 4

We went on a date.


Without kids thanks to our fabulous friends.

It was romantic.

And so concludes our anniversary posts. Until year 5 y’alls, I’ll calm down with all the lovey romantic posts.

Or not.

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Happy Anniversary: Year 3 of 4

Culture Clash!

Clearly Q and I came from different cultures. Just look at our parents:



French African meets Mid-Western Girl. The dynamics of THAT, to get to where we are NOW, are just impressive. Every marriage goes through an adjustment period where the couple learns everything about each other including how to handle differences. On average it takes newly weds a minimum of 3 years to properly “leave their parents and cleave to each other” so as to truly become one. Looking back now we can only laugh at how we handle our differences. For example in the middle of an argument with me Q would be grasping for words because he only knew the word in French. I know, apparently arguing is HEALTHY or something. We have indeed come a long way and now we don’t argue. At all. We most definitely DISAGREE, but we don’t raise our voices or argue. During our first year of marriage, one day Q suddenly told me that he was done arguing with me. It made me SO MAD at the time, but our marriage is a MILLION times stronger for it. Even when I am wrong, he won’t argue. He gives me SPACE.

Which allows me to cool down.

And then we talk about it. And kiss.

A multicultural family is awesome! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Happy Anniversary: Year 2 of 4

From a young age I’d decided that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have children. The whole 9 months (later I found out it was more like 10) and labor/delivery thing perhaps wasn’t for me… Babysitting was fab but MY OWN? And then like 10 years later I met Q and he REALLY WANTED children.

And he was so wonderful that I wanted them with him as well.

And he was fantastic with my nieces (but on this day for years ago they became his nieces as well). He truly loved them and I LOVED that.

And then we had our own. Year two of marriage: Gooner entered our lives. She added a LOT of excitement into our lives.

And seeing Q hold our oldest little girl makes me love him even MORE!

Who knew four years ago today we would have ALL this???

*I only have all the sepia pictures saved on this computer. Maybe someday I will do a post with COLOR! ? *

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I appreciate you Q: Year One

Trash: I take out the trash maybe 4 times a year. MAYBE. Q always takes out the trash without my bugging him. I NEVER remind him, ask him, or nag him. He just does it. Whenever I feel like it is feeling full it is miraculously empty the next time I see it. If it smells prematurely, he takes it out. I REALLY appreciate it but I RARELY tell him because he’s so stealthy and then I forget. It’s just gone! It’s amazing. It’s a blessing. By the end of our first year of marriage Q had figured out my primary love language: acts of service.

Do you know your spouses love language?


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