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Hiking Season

Hiking is amazing. Hiking with littles can be a challenge…especially with diapers. There is NOTHING zen about changing a diaper on the side of a trail…or on the trail. And we all know the rules, hike it in and hike it out! Leave no trace. So now you have a bag full of diaper poo. It’s gross. Now that she’s turning two next month and potty trained, the world is FULL of possibilities! As long as you can squat in the woods you can go anywhere!

We bought a new hiking book. I’m so excited to hit the trails! Colorado is tricky and will most likely throw another snow storm at us. It is supposed to snow when my Mom is here for Easter. And Gooner, she turns 7 this year. I can’t even handle it.

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Bu-Bye Summer!!! – In Photos

DSCN0520 DSCN0511 DSCN0513 DSCN0497 DSCN0527 DSCN0496

PS. I met a million neighbors at the pool. Like all of them. If you feel lonely – have children or get a dog. Boom. Conversation starter!

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They Went Exploring


And then my sister and I got in trouble for letting our girls roam with rattle snakes.


The park ranger was kind in his reprimand, but it still made us feel like we were back in middle school…only this time we have SIX daughters between us.


Six. Dramatic. Girls.


This was one of my favorite visits yet.


My sister and her family live overseas, so seeing each other is rare, few, and far between.

But lets be honest here, if she lived down the street we would probably fight all the time. Although half way across the world is a leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetle too far and I miss her a lot.

And I LOVE 3rd Edition’s hair. The comb has little to no effect, it sticks straight up. She is now 2 months old and it is juuuuuuuuuust starting to curl.

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Random Edition: 701: Topic “Frozen”

It. Is. Monday. And I feel like this.


*And I should be folding laundry.

* I’m a Mom of littles, which means I don’t go to the bathroom by myself. Ever. I don’t even try anymore. Gooner  (Elsa) doesn’t care, she’s almost 5 and potty is just gross. Sooner (Anna) freaks out if she’s not near me every second of every day. Cue, “do you want to build a snowman?” Any time a door is closed you will hear three raps followed by the snowman song. I am a day away from 37 weeks pregnant…I am in the bathroom a LOT. My favorite part of the song is, “ok, bye.”

*Today on this lovely Monday Gooner decided NOT to respond to her name. She is Elsa. And she’s stamping her feet NOT out of defiance, but to turn the wood floor into ice. It had NOTHING to do with the hitting of the sister and being told to stop and put her laundry away.

*Gooner has had a braid for 4 weeks straight. I would like to thank Disney for choosing such an easy hair-do.

*”Why does Hans want Elsa AND Anna to die? What is death?” Once again, thanks Disney.

*We had a play date last week and the 5 year old boy told Gooner she had a china. That boys don’t have them. Gooner just shook her head at me, lifted up my plate from the dishwasher and told me, “Mooooom, THIS is China!” Dodged that bullet….for now. So happy Monday!


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Let the Love Inside You Show!


So, we don’t know the gender of this baby. We have our suspicions since we make girls.  If it is a girl we will be thrilled. If it is a girl we have all the clothing already. If it is a girl we already have a name and SISTERS, and a continuation of my girls. Other people ask if we will keep trying for a boy, as if THAT is why we decided to have this baby in the first place. As if you have to have both to be happy or complete or…be a real mother. GASP. Yup, I’ve had this said to me.

Stereotype based on Mommy’s I’ve met at the park, play dates, church and LIFE… If you only have boys you are a Mom of boys. If you only have girls you are a Mom waiting to have a boy. This is how I feel and I feel annoyed.

Stranger at Target yesterday. “You don’t know the gender? I hope it is a boy. If it is a girl, at least healthy!”

Old Lady. “It is probably a girl. That is probably for the best since girls are easier than boys.”

Friend. “I hope you have a boy so that you understand parenting.”

I could do a whole post devoted to ridiculous quotes by well meaning people. But, rest assured I am a good Mom to two beautiful tutu wearing,


soccer playing…







Team Pink or Team Blue this baby will fit into OUR lives. If YOU disagree on the gender God has given us, you should probably save yourself and stop talking.


Dear Baby,

This family loves you so much and can’t wait to meet you.


Mommy, Daddy and Your Big Sisters!


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Gooner or Sooner?


You tell me…IMG_8682

Sometimes I don’t even know.IMG_8451


Oh and unlike EVERYONE else, I’m not a photographer so, ignore the blurry and love the face.


But wow do they love each other.IMG_8454

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And We’re Back…Jack!

Life is about

Pulling your big sisters hair while she’s sleeping…


And laughing about it.   IMG_8743

Eating mango by the creek after a long hike…


And playing soccer with Dad.


Riding in your first parade.IMG_8697

being grumpy…


And sidewalk chalk.


Just in time for Duck Dynasty.

Did you miss us? I missed it/you!

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April Snow Storm

So much can be said about this picture…


Sometimes it just stinks to be the little one.

I don’t mind the snow even though it IS Spring!

Sooner was CLEARLY blessed with awesome hair.

I’m pretty sure Gooner was taunting Sooner and NOT saying a mere “hello.”

I’m 100% ok with all the little fingerprints because one day they will be gone.


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Costume Fabulousness


and Our Little Flower

Gooner: “Mom, can I lick her?” Sooner: “MOM, she’s tryin’ to lick me!”

and The Happy Family!

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Ready for…


No, but she thinks she is!

Sooner wanted it badly, and Gooner gloated that she already had some!

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